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ARISE Certified Life Skills Group Facilitator (Instructor) Training

ARISE training infuses a sense of Confidence, Competence and Compassion that results in actively engaging at-risk youth in positive group sessions.

Overview of ARISE Life Skills Training Programs

Worries and Problems People Bring to Work.
Recipe for Success

ARISE staff training is not an add-water and stir-formula. Even the best curricula cannot succeed with its target audiences unless the learners are involved. Teens rarely stay engaged and trusting without regular feedback and respect from group facilitators. ARISE training also encourages its Group Facilitators to ask questions that create engaging, rich, spontaneous interactions among students in the classroom resulting in positive, memorable learning experiences in every ARISE group session.

ARISE staff training prepares youth educators, juvenile justice counselors, youth workers, prevention specialists, teachers, mental health staff, anyone working with at-risk youth to bring alive and effectively implement group learning using ARISE life skills lessons.

ARISE evidence based curricula and staff training have been specifically created for those working with troubled, misbehaving youth, young adult offenders in juvenile justice facilities, alternative to incarceration, community based intervention, youth in foster care, re-entry programs, school dropout prevention, independent living programs, military families and more. ARISE shines in groups that are made up of youth of different ages, different academic abilities, and various backgrounds.Check Negative Baggage at the Door merged

Every life skills training provides multi-sensory stimulation that allows participants to gain skills and competencies that encourage optimal implementation of the ARISE life skills curricula. ARISE training encompasses the many facets of conducting vibrant, attention grabbing interactive group sessions. Particularly valuable are positive strategies for accommodating youth who bring anger, bullying and emotional problems to group sessions.

A  degree in education is absolutely not required to be trained as an ARISE Life Skills Group Facilitator (Instructor). ARISE Life skills lessons are effectively taught by volunteers, counselors, juvenile care workers and teachers, anyone driven to make a difference by enriching and empowering the lives of troubled youth with essential skills for a successful life.


ARISE Life Skills Training is Important to Your Organization

A Positive Environment Benefits Everyone

We all realize managing and decreasing anger, stress, frustration and strengthening relationships in the workplace is a huge organizational benefit. ARISE professional trainings have proven to be effective and transformational not only in ARISE groups. ARISE trainings create conditions for positive change in the workplace. It can permeate an entire culture.

Empathy, an innate ability we are born with, can be practiced and improved.

One of the major benefits of the ARISE evidence based life skills group facilitator  (instructor) training is that participants develop empathy and truly understand what the that youth we work with are magnets for disappointment, lies, abuse and pain. Taking part in ARISE groups could be their last chance in their struggle for personal survival. Evidence based studies have shown that by developing relationships in ARISE groups offers opportunities for both group facilitator and youth.  “What ever happened in group stays in group” (other than serious infractions) also increases the level of trust between the ARISE Life Skills Group Facilitator and troubled youth

ARISE Life Skills Trainings:

ON-LINE ARISE Life Skills Facilitator (Instructor) Training

This comprehensive and effective self-guided 20 hour program prepares participants to become enthusiastic ARISE Life Skills group facilitators. This interactive training is brought alive through evidence- based practices and full motion video and sound that equips participants to provide their school, juvenile justice center, community based organization, homeless shelter or mental health facility etc. with the full ARISE life skills program. This training experience is interactive, with online opportunities to practice  skills that capture and hold the interest of troubled youth.

ON SITE ARISE Life Skills Facilitator (Instructor) Training 


“The dynamics of working with groups motivated by a craving to learn and to share what they have learned with a truly needy population is an awesome experience I will never forget”
Joliett Vega Klucevsek, former ARISE Senior Trainer.

On completion of course material ARISE Life Skills training will certify participants as ARISE Life Skills Group facilitators (Instructors). The training prepares participants to pull out the stops and conduct ARISE life skills group sessions with complete confidence. This training experience is highly interactive offering opportunities to practice new skills that lock-in and hold the interest of teens growing up in a world that makes no sense to them. Where trust is stupid and their right is societies wrong. Unfortunately no one is born with life skills they must be taught. How blessed and exciting this is for new ARISE Group facilitators.

ARISE 5 Day Certified Master Life Skills Training (Train the Trainer) (ON-SITE)

Communication Skills

At the conclusion of the ARISE Master training this beautiful enameled pin is presented to each participant at an awards ceremony.

This intensive training certifies participants to become an ARISE Life Skills Master Trainers (Train the Trainer). They will be fully equipped to return to their organization and train other staff as ARISE life skills Group Facilitators  (Instructors). ARISE Master Training graduates have the knowledge and confidence to train other staff who can comfortably conduct ARISE interactive group sessions.

ARISE ON-LINE Drop it at the Door Training

Working with at-risk youth 40 hours a week is intense and can cause staff burnout. ARISE Drop it at the Door training delivers the essential tools to handle the frustration, anger, stress and threats that are part of working with emotionally troubled teens. If that wasn’t enough,  developing positive communication skills and learning to deal with the baggage our fellow workers carry to work receives special attention. Those fortunate enough to attend this workshop will be equipped with all they need to drop negativity, stress and anger at the door.

See the ARISE Recipe for Success.

ARISE Drop it at the Door Training for Staff ON-SITE 


Excess pressure causes explosions–As you know researchers have attributed anger and stress as one of the leading causes of lost productivity in the workplace. They have also linked negativity, moodiness and absenteeism to chronic health problems. This is happening because today’s workers are unable to shrug off workplace bullying, worries, anger, frustration etc. Personnel carry theses toxins home infecting their family too… Learn More About ARISE’s Fail Safe On-Line Training GUARANTEED to increase pro-social relationships at work and home.


The ARISE program including years’ worth of easily understood life skills lessons and staff training can be up and running state-wide, or at your community based program etc. in 30 days or less! Guaranteed!

ARISE training encompasses the techniques of group facilitation and feedback, the effective development of cognitive and behavioral skills. Improved group learning outcomes occur in an ARISE created positive environment. Learning in ARISE trainings and group sessions is not an individual act. It’s a social act and everyone participates and profits. ARISE training infuses a sense of confidence, competence and compassion that results in actively engaging at-risk youth in positive group sessions.

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