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2 Day Life Skills Instructor Certification Training scheduled for

February 8th and 9th, 2018

Camelback Resort
301 Resort Drive
Tannerville, PA 18372
Trainer: Judy Lyons

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Every ARISE life skills training program provides multi-sensory stimulation that allows participants to gain skills and competencies that encourage optimal implementation of the ARISE life skills curricula. ARISE training encompasses the many facets of conducting vibrant, attention grabbing interactive group sessions. Particularly valuable are positive strategies for accommodating youth who bring anger, bullying and emotional problems to group sessions.


Life Skills Instructor Training (self-paced)
Drop it at the Door Anger Management Training
Professional Anger and Stress Management Training for Staff
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2 Day Life Skills Instructor Certification Training
5 Day Master Life Skills Instuctor Certification Training
2 Day Drop it at the Door Anger Management Training
Girls are different gender awareness training
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ACA Training Benefits
ARISE in Florida – Department of Juvenile Justice


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