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Take the Highway to Health – Manual 3

This Life Skills health book provides lessons for youth on caring for their bodies

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Teen Health Life Skills Curriculum.  Gambling on health is never a safe bet. ARISE healthy life lessons are a good health protection plan for youth and their extended families.

Normally, we don’t wait until our car falls apart before we service it. We tune the engine, change the oil, and replace worn tires. Actually, we devote more time, energy, and money to maintaining our automobiles than we do to caring for our personal health. As a Homo Sapiens operator, Take the Highway to Health will help prepare yourself to learn defensive techniques that will help end stress and worry. Discover the power of visualization, how to perform your own self-esteem tune-up, and how tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and anger can cause serious breakdowns. Understanding the chemical warfare your body battles every day will help you live a healthier and longer life. Take the Highway to Health is book 3 of a 5-book series.

The Homo Sapiens Operator’s Manual series teaches youth, and especially at risk youth, how our bodies work and what it takes to keep them in top shape.The 190-page Take the Highway to Health Instructor’s Manual contains  health lesson plans and activities, 142 pages of learner’s worksheets, 8 quizzes, answer keys, and 2 motivational posters.

Motivational Posters
Every poster is a mini-life lesson. See them once remember them forever. Perfect for stimulating group and classroom activities.
Positivity Cards
Irresistible, emotionally rich images. Engages those who hate to read. Re-boot lives that have turned off learning anything worthwhile.

Hardcopy Instructor Manual: 
Price: $39.95
E-Book: (downloadable)
Price: $29.95
Hardcopy Learner Workbook:
Price: $18.95
E-Book (downloadable):

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By purchasing the downloadable version of this workbook the buyer agrees to make and use only ONE (1) copy of this copyrighted e-book.

Considering purchasing workbooks alone? Obviously workbooks are less expensive than ARISE instructor manuals. The instructor manual guides the person leading the life skills groups and includes all the workbook pages. Workbooks do not have activity instructions. They are designed specifically for use by learners in conjunction with the ARISE Group facilitator’s manual. Generally speaking the workbook is not useable by itself.


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