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Learning Strategies & Time Management – Four Wheel Drive for the Mind Book 2

A life skills book providing activities for youth on learning strategies and time management.

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Why is it some students seem to breeze through tests and handle their work routines like champions, while others, particularly at risk youth never quite accomplish their objectives? Here we unveil many well-kept learning and study strategies as well as time management secrets to help your students succeed. The Learning Strategies and Time Management Interactive lesson plans cover creative thinking, decision making, goal setting, study techniques, time management and much more.

The 138-page Learning Strategies and Time Management  life skills Instructor’s Manual contains lesson plans for all Learning Strategies and Time Management lessons and activities, 57 pages of learner’s worksheets, section quizzes and answer keys, 5 Learning Strategies and Time Management short stories, 3 inspirational biographies, and 5 motivational posters.


Hardcopy Instructor Manual: 
Price: $39.95
E-Book: (downloadable)
Price: $29.95
Hardcopy Learner Workbook:
Price: $18.95
E-Book (downloadable):
Price: $14.95
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By purchasing the downloadable version of this workbook the buyer agrees to make and use only ONE (1) copy of this copyrighted e-book.

Considering purchasing workbooks alone? Obviously workbooks are less expensive than ARISE instructor manuals. The instructor manual guides the person leading the life skills groups and includes all the workbook pages. Workbooks do not have activity instructions. They are designed specifically for use by learners in conjunction with the ARISE Group facilitator’s manual. Generally speaking the workbook is not useable by itself.

Motivational Posters
Every poster is a mini-life lesson. See them once remember them forever. Perfect for stimulating group and classroom activities.
Positivity Cards
Irresistible, emotionally rich images. Engages those who hate to read. Re-boot lives that have turned off learning anything worthwhile.

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