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Supercharging Your System – Brainfood Book 3

Bite size life skills lessons involving healthy living issues such as STD’s HIV , AIDS, drugs and   Alcohol Abuse and nutrition facts

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Important Life Skills – Before It`s Too Late!

The Supercharging Your System book contains 350 bite-sized, easily digested nuggets of priceless information the average youth at risk never learns until it’s too late. These life skills activities include STDs, HIV and AIDS, drug and alcohol abuse, and the importance of good nutrition.
A perfect health school curriculum for middle school and high school, after school programs, diversion programs, community based organizations, re-entry programs and alternative to incarceration programs.

The Supercharging your System  life skills for teens book contains 37 pages of tips, 36 pages of life skills activities and an ARISE motivational poster. It is Book 3 of a 6-book life skills curriculum that contains over 2000 self-improvement strategies and tactics for getting and staying ahead. It addresses the dangers of STD and drug and alcohol abuse.

Publisher’s Special! Save money when you purchase the six book series, plus get a Bonus Brain Food Official Teaching Activity Guide for FREE!

Motivational Posters
Every poster is a mini-life lesson. See them once remember them forever. Perfect for stimulating group and classroom activities.
Positivity Cards
Irresistible, emotionally rich images. Engages those who hate to read. Re-boot lives that have turned off learning anything worthwhile.

Hardcopy Instructor Manual: 
Price: $29.95
Downloadable Instructor Manual: 
Price: $19.95
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