Five Day Master Life Skills Certification Training Train The Trainer at your Site

Five Day Master Life Skills Certification Training Train The Trainer at your Site

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Train up to 16 trainers at your own location.

This five-day intensive training certifies participants as ARISE Master Life Skills Trainers and enables them to conduct the ARISE two-day Life Skills Instructor Training to professionally certify other staff and colleagues at their organization as ARISE Life Skills Instructors. Graduates have the knowledge and confidence to train others to help troubled youth make fundamental changes in their lives.

This workshop is perfect for organizations that understand the tremendous benefits of having a professionally trained ARISE Certified Master Life Skills Trainer on their staff. ARISE Master Trainers have the necessary qualifications to effectively train staff at their organization to meet the needs of at-risk youth for years to come. They train their staff to effectively use the unique ARISE formula and the award winning ARISE curricula in a positive learning environment.

Training fee does not include instructor travel and accommodation expenses.  Call us to set up this training.

Training agenda

ARISE Master Training Certification

After completing the ARISE 5-Day Master Life Skills Training ( Train the Trainer), you are certified to train other staff at your organization using the ARISE 2-day life skills training program.    All ARISE curriculum materials and training are copyrighted. Copyright laws protect written or artistic expressions fixed in a tangible medium like books, training manuals  and copy of the ARISE website.  By purchasing and attending the training or buying any of the ARISE curricula, the buyer agrees to adhere to the ARISE copyright policy. (See copyright policy)..