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Resource Materials Included in the Family Tools Course

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ARISE Family Tools - Life Skills Training - Manual
ARISE Family Tools - Life Skills Training - Facilitator Guide - Workbook
6 Participant Resource Manuals – 164 pages
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1 ARISE Facilitator Guide – 154 pages

Family Tools is Stimulating; It Grabs and Holds Attention of Those Prone to Boredom!

It contains 192 power point slides with music and current video clips to grab the participant’s attention. (Watch the video clip below)

Each participant receives their own reference and resource manual.

Instructor and participants listen, participate and stay focused. Family Tools is designed so attention is on what is being said rather than note taking and day dreaming.

There is something new and worthwhile going on constantly.


ARISE Family Tools Pre-Post Survey ARISE Family Tools Course Evaluation
Reproducible Pre-Post Survey
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Reproducible Course Evaluation
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ARISE Family Tools Glass Family Heart  positivity-card-deck1
6 ARISE Glass Family Heart –
Symbol of Loving Families
(image enlarged to show detail)
6 Full Decks of ARISE Positivity Cards plus instructions
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ARISE Family Tools - Positivity Stones and Instructions for Use ARISE Family Tools Course Completion Certificate
6 Sets of 5 ARISE Positivity Stones with detailed directions for everyday use
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6 ARISE Family Tools
Course Completion Certificates

A Complete Set of 12 Full Color ARISE Family Tools Motivational Posters (12″ x 18″)

Display these memorable messages that slide in under the radar and are absorbed into the subconscious mind during ARISE Family Tools program activities.

23007-beekind 23013-wordshurt
You’ll Catch More Poster Words Can Hurt Poster
23070-trustelmers 23048-respectkids
Trust Poster Treat Your Kids Poster
23046-daysanger surprise
The Days Anger Poster Surprise Them Poster
23037-vacuum never let anybody
Please Don’t Let Bad Vibes Poster Never Let Anyone Poster
23038-stainremover talk first
Family Tools Concentrated Poster Family Talk First Poster
23063-steamed 23058-listening
Don’t Get Steamed Poster Listening Poster
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