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ARISE Family Tools Sample


Some of the specific tools and activities participants will use are:ARISE Family Tools - Opening Communication between family members

  1. Time out (removing yourself from a situation as an anger management tool)
  2. Self-talk (repeating a calming phrase as an anger management tool)
  3. “90-second” rule (remembering that the physical response to anger is gone in 90 seconds)
  4. Gratitude letters (writing a thank-you letter to someone you’re grateful for)
  5. Blessings journals (writing down three blessings every day)
  6. Personal affirmations (writing and repeating personal and family affirmations)
  7. Re framing negative thoughts into positive thoughts
  8. Practicing forgiveness
  9. Smiling/using positive body language
  10. “I” statements (communicating assertively rather than aggressively)
  11. Reflective listening (listening for feelings and understanding; paraphrasing)
  12. Negotiation skills (questioning and listening; getting win-win results in family situations)
  13. Relaxation vacation (guided visualization)
  14. Emotional contagion (“catching” emotions from each other)
  15. Practicing kindness with family members
  16. Optimism: envisioning a positive family future
  17. Setting goals for the family

This list includes some, but not all, of the tools and techniques presented over the 12-weeks.

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