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ARISE Family Tools – Life Skills for Families

The ARISE Family Tools PledgeARISE Family Tools Pledge - Learn together as a family

  1. I will listen carefully to my family.
  2. I may not agree with others’ opinions, but I will respect them.
  3. I will not say anything to hurt another.
  4. No matter the circumstances, I will not spread fear.
  5. I will set the example for sharing love and kindness.
  6. I will accept others as they are because I realize the only person I truly control is me.
  7. I will go to sleep and wake up with a smile on my face.
  8. I will avoid all negative comments and actions.
  9. I accept the responsibility to bring happiness into my home.
  10. I will “bully-proof” my home, treating the youngest to the oldest with respect.

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