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ARISE Family Tools Lessons

ARISE Family Tools Brings Families Closer Together
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The Family Tools training comprises 12 weekly lessons to be taught in the order listed in the table below. Each lesson lasts 1.5 hours, though approximately 15 to 20 minutes of that time would be allotted to socializing, sharing refreshments, etc. Even though lessons will build on each other to some extent, they will be designed to be meaningful as stand-alone presentations.

“Let’s all agree to live happily ever after.” – Jimmy Buffett

LESSON 1: Introduction to Family Tools
Introduction. Choices (What does “choice” mean? What choices do we have?). Two wolves story. What does anger look like/feel like? Anger as secondary emotion. What makes us angry? Worried? What can we not let go of?
LESSON 2: “Cool” Families or Tools for Staying Cool
Practice some tools for letting go (visualizations for worry, regret) and for staying cool (Jackie Robinson story; breathing; time out; talking to oneself; etc.)
LESSON 3: Grateful Families or Happiness Tools
What does happiness look like/feel like? Blue zone and red zone. Use tools for increasing happiness (counting blessings; being grateful; practicing forgiveness)
LESSON 4: Positive Families or Positivity Tools
Practice with positive thinking tools (law of attraction; remote control; vision board; affirmations; re framing thoughts; positivity cards and stones)
LESSON 5: Understanding Families or Communication Tools
Importance of listening. Listening barriers. Active listening skills. Practicing listening skills in family situations.
LESSON 6: Assertive Families or More Communication Tools
Assertive vs aggressive communication. Using I statements in family situations. Conversation builders. Bullying.
LESSON 7: Smiling Families or Tools for Connecting
Smiling. The importance and impact of positive body language. Emotions are contagious. Mirror neurons.
LESSON 8: Winning Families: Negotiating Everyday Situations or Negotiating Tools
Situations of everyday negotiation within families: chores, bedtime, curfew, money, etc.
Practicing negotiation skills (questioning, listening, negotiating win-win). Builds on the communication skills in lessons 5-7.
LESSON 9: Relaxed Families or Healthy Families or Stress Buster Tools
Stress (definition, where it comes from, ways of coping). Practicing relaxation techniques (meditation, relaxation, vacation, breathing, positive thinking). The importance of sleep,
nutrition and exercise.
LESSON 10: Kind Families or Tools for Spreading Kindness
Why kindness makes us and others happier. Physical and emotional benefits of kindness. Practicing kindness within the family. Love and expressing love through words and actions.
LESSON 11: Optimistic Families or Tools for Optimistic Thinking
What does it mean to be optimistic? What is hope? Why are they important to individuals and family? Practice optimistic thinking (My Family’s Best Possible Future; What Door Opened? Be Your Own Best Friend activities)
LESSON 12: Families Looking Toward the Future or Tools for Goal-setting
How to set goals. Tie together the lessons by reviewing main points through stories and experiences. Practice setting personal and family goals with new skills and knowledge.
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