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2 Day Life Skills Instructor Certification Training scheduled for

February 8th and 9th, 2018

Camelback Resort
301 Resort Drive
Tannerville, PA 18372
Trainer: Judy Lyons

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ARISE Family Tools – Life Skills for the Whole Family

Price: $599.00


ARISE Family Tools Is

ARISE Family Tools is a unique 12-session program totally focused on the current needs of the participants. Each 90-minute group session is interactive: no boring lectures, eyes that glaze over. No sleep inducing voices pleading and cajoling for attention.

Those fortunate enough to attend ARISE Family Tools will watch a series of engrossing videos, discuss relevant true life stories, absorb and sing songs with a purpose to keep every minute real. Participants openly discuss their own life experiences and realize their personal worries and stressors are not unique. They role-play and practice imaginative techniques that enable families to comfortably face reality and successfully move ahead in a 21st century world in transition.

ARISE Family Tools Isn’t

No boring lectures delivered to passive participants. No useless or irrelevant information. And it isn’t an in-class experience that participants forget about the moment they walk out the door.

A quick inventory of the generous amount of reproducible and other materials included in this well thought out learning experience will show that ARISE Family Tools provides everything needed to conduct a successful ongoing program at little or no cost over the years.

View the ARISE Resource Materials Included in this Course

Additional quantities of the ARISE Family Tools materials can be ordered to expand this successful ARISE Family Tools program. To order, email or call 1-888-680-6100 MON through FRI between 9 am and 5 pm EST.


A Sample of ARISE Family Tools:

More about ARISE Family Tools:

Price: $599.00
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