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Girls Only Complete Package

Life skills lessons for at-risk teen girls on pregnancy prevention, building relationships, negotiation skills, decision making and more.


Essential for generations to come!

If you don’t provide the necessary information how will vulnerable girls ever learn what’s good for them?

ARISE offers important lessons every girl must absorb to avoid the sad mistakes made by others in their lives.

Girls of today become the breadwinners, moms, wives and caregivers of tomorrow. They establish the solid foundation families and futures are built on. As teens, they must have the resources, like social and life skills education essential in building a solid, successful life for themselves, their children, and grandchildren.

This Special ARISE Girls Only Package Includes the following 7 ARISE Instructor Manuals as well as their associated Learner Workbooks
(A total of  12 books)

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ARISE Relationship Audits Girls Only (ARA)
ARISE Taneka’s Tales
ARISE Sprouts Book 1: Prenatal Care, Delivery, Postpartum Expectations and Mental Development
ARISE Sprouts Book 2: Physical and Emotional Development
ARISE Sprouts Book 3: Building a Family and Teen Pregnancy
ARISE Sprouts Book 4: Child Safety
ARISE Are You Living an Upside-Down Life?
Positivity cards girls only: 6 assorted sets of 20 cards each.
Motivational posters girls only: 4- 12″x 18″ laminated posters

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FREE Bonus Book:

Tips, Tactics & Strategies for Life – Get Smart Book 4

Price: $460.00



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