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Anger and Gang Prevention Package for Teens

Books for at risk youth containing activities for youth dealing with gang prevention and anger management for teens.

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Price: $285.00
This specially designed package addresses two very important topics for at-risk teen learners: gang prevention and the subsequent anger and violence that may grow from participating in gang activity. Show learners positive ways to gain acceptance and manage conflicts with the materials in this package.

This Special ARISE Anger and Gang Prevention Package
Includes the following 4 ARISE Instructor Manuals as well as their associated Learner Workbooks
(A total of  6 books)

(click links below to get content information and prices to purchase additional copies)

ARISE Books:
ARISE Work in Progress Book 1: Anger Management
ARISE Work In Progress Book 4: Violence and Conflict
ARISE Brain Food Book 2: Creating a Positive Outlook
ARISE Gangs: 50+ Stories of Fractured Lives

ARISE Positivity Cards:
ARISE Positivity Card Deck

ARISE Anger Management and Meditation Video

ARISE Motivational Posters:
Gangs Poster: Version 1
Gangs Poster: Version 2
Gangs Poster: Version 3
Friends Predict Your Future
Drug Money Isn’t Cool

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