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ARISE Teen Anger Management Life Skills Lessons

“A soft answer turneth away wrath; But grievous words stir up anger” Proverbs 15:1

Anger Danger BookARISE Teen Anger Management Life Skills lessons are derived from almost 30 years of working with the most violent youth, who unburdened by conscience, attack friends, family and strangers alike.

The first Life Skills lesson plan juvenile justice facilities receive from ARISE comes from its Teen Anger Management Life Skills curriculum. ARISE cognitive/behavioral skills development is designed to provide at-risk youth with the skills that will assist them in changing their anti-social behaviors, particularly those youth with a history of violent uncontrollable anger. Juvenile offenders, accustomed to solving disagreements with fists, knives and guns, who attend ARISE group sessions soon become equipped to make responsible decisions, manage their anger, and develop the social skills society demands.

ARISE Certified Life Skills Instructors work on helping the youth identify with the feelings that come before anger, such as sadness or fear. These feelings are hard for youth to admit. ARISE Teen Anger Management lessons talk about anger as a matter of choice. This is usually new to the youth, because they have a choice and can control how angry they get.

Emotional and behavioral disorders in youth, who are enrolled in the ARISE Teen Anger Management Life Skills program, stem from a variety of reasons. Family conflicts or other psychosocial stress may leave youth with frustration, anger, demoralization and anxious feelings. ARISE Teen Anger Management curriculum offers simple, yet practical ways for troubled youth to approach life with a positive attitude. These youth learn to respond to life’s challenges with lessons learned in ARISE groups which, lead to success and happiness rather than violent outbursts, bullying and other inappropriate behavior.

ARISE lesson plans provide teens with an opportunity for nonverbal expressions regarding anger, fear, grief and rejection. While participating in the Teen Anger Management group exercises, for the first time the youth reflect on their own thoughts as well as comments from others. Through the interactive lessons they come to understand how their uncontrolled anger is ruining their lives. ARISE Teen Anger Management lesson plans contain activities such as drawing, role playing, written assignments and games. The teen anger management lessons create an in formal and positive environment between the ARISE instructor and the youth.

ARISE Teen Anger Management Life Skills lesson plans, as in all its curricula, feature discussion groups that help build decision making skills so at-risk youth can solve personal and social problems in their lives without resorting to violence. The ARISE Intervention/Education/Reentry program, for incarcerated youth, helps serious juvenile offenders make a successful transition back to their communities.

ARISE Certified Life Skills Instructors hold group lessons, where youth learn what society demands from its law abiding citizens. Over 260 Lessons are available through the ARISE program. Often a youth’s inability to control anger and rage is the major cause for their incarceration. Now, thanks to the ARISE Teen Anger Management lessons, at-risk youth hit the off switch before their anger gets out of control.

Former U.S. Surgeon General, David Satcher, M.D., Ph.D., reviewed prevention programs for juvenile offenders in the Youth Violence: A report from the Surgeon General found that certain psychosocial approaches can reduce the number of violent offenses committed by at-risk youth. According to the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law, President Roy O’Shaughnessy said, “The most effective youth violence prevention programs are those that are targeted appropriately and address several age-appropriate risks and protective factors in different contexts”.

ARISE Teen Anger Management lessons have been documented by evidence based studies to work for the most violent, out of control offenders in the juvenile justice system. This curriculum works – ARISE guarantees it!

Sampling of ARISE Anger Management Materials

6501-anger-m 150-Tips-For-Anger
This book contains interactive lesson plans to teach aggressiveness, types of anger, communication and much more. 1 of a 4-book series. A social skills blueprint teens will use to build a solid future. ARISE 150 Tips for Dealing With Anger, Temper, Worry, and Stress provides you with the guidelines that will help you control and manage anger and the feelings that cause it.

Spanish-Language Anger Management Materials

Work in Progress Books in spanish Work in Progress Books in spanish
Existen estudios que constatan la relación entre el uso (y abuso) de drogas y la violencia con armas de fuego. Un informe del Departamento de Justicia de EEUU señala que más de la mitad (el 52.4%) de los presos encarcelados por asesinato cometido con armas de fuego actuaban bajo la influencia de alcohol o drogas cuando cometieron el crimen. Este manual de ARISE está dividido en tres secciones que ofrecen al instructor materiales indispensables para ayudar al participante a comprender y manejar la violencia y el conflicto.

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