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For At Risk Youth, Life Can Be a Roller Coaster Ride…

coasterEvery ARISE product has been created for one reason because Mother Nature never included basic life skills in our DNA… they must be taught. Fortunately Susan and Edmund Benson, the ARISE founders, have spent the past 30 years writing, updating and actually implementing and running state wide programs.   Their careful development of every facet of the ARISE program, from writing the evidence-based curricula to creating the imaginative staff training programs for those working directly with the youth, have made a tremendous impact on at-risk youth all over the globe.

The ARISE programs have been developed specifically for use with troubled youth at-risk of being condemned and confined to the very bottom of society’s ladder. Unfortunately, these misbehaving children sentence themselves due to their maddeningly self-destructive life style. Are they to blame? Often the answer is an empathetic NO. Many have spent their short lives betrayed, ignored, abused and brought up in corrosive environments. It’s up to us to release the God given gifts hidden behind those tough exteriors. Participating in ARISE groups builds trust and other concepts such as how to get along with others, deal with anger and pressures from school and other stress related problems like bullying at home and from gangs.

evidence-basedChildren’s Futures Are on The Line

ARISE Life Skills Curricula

Since 1986, Susan and Edmund Benson, the ARISE founders, have been determined to write easy to implement, cost effective curricula specifically designed for use in group settings where students of different ages, diverse academic abilities, and various backgrounds are gathered. Because of this, ARISE shines when used in Community Based Diversion Programs, Juvenile Justice Facilities, Children and Family Services, Foster Children programs and more. ARISE groups are a refuge from stress and social pressure. Class turnover and interruptions are no problem in ARISE groups. Everyone is in sync.  There is no catch up or feeling left out for those just joining or rejoining. ARISE Groups average 45 minutes and then a new lesson begins. Youth love the role play, verbal interaction, lack of bullying. There is no bad-mouthing, put downs or aggressive behavior often found when teens gather in classroom settings.

Not just for the youth, but also for their families ARISE has developed life skills curricula.  Examples are the acclaimed ARISE Family Tools and the ARISE Adult Anger Management programs.

ARISE Group Facilitator Training

ARISE staff training is not an add-water and stir-formula. Even the best curricula cannot succeed with its target audiences unless the learners are involved. Teens rarely stay engaged and trusting without regular feedback and respect from group facilitators. ARISE training also encourages its Group Facilitators to ask questions that create engaging, rich, spontaneous interactions among students in the classroom resulting in positive, memorable learning experiences in every ARISE group session.

ARISE Positivity Products

ARISE Positivity Products were developed because many of us are reading less and less. Every positivity card or poster is a mini life lesson, in full color just like the video games and TV the youth are so engrossed in. Each of the cards and posters easily turns into lifelong learning experiences.

For example: group learning springs to life using ARISE Positivity cards. Shuffle the cards. Each youth receives a card on a different topic. Request they tell you what this card means to them, then query others in the group about the cards they are holding. Shuffle the cards and a new lesson is ready to start. Each card opens a new learning experience where youth have an opportunity to express themselves. At some point it’s wise to allow the youth to keep their favorite cards to show off to family and friends.

ARISE positivity posters affixed to walls and doors deliver silent, positive messages that stick to young brains like Velcro. Youth with difficulties reading appreciate and enjoy short, to-the-point messages.



Our Promise to You

We guarantee every ARISE product. If you are not satisfied with any of our material at the time you receive it, or if one of our products does not meet your satisfaction within 60 days of purchase, return it postage paid to ARISE for a full refund.

ARISE books are built to last

You be the judge. If during the first year of purchase an ARISE book is found to be defective in any way please return it and we will replace it free of charge.

On Line Training

We guarantee a full refund within 60 days of purchase as long as you have not entered the course. Once you enter the course, it is not eligible for a refund, regardless of status of completion.

Downloadable Purchases

Downloadable Purchases are not eligible for a refund. If at any time during the download, you experience a problem, please send ARISE an email or call us during business hours of 9am to 5pm EST, Monday through Friday at TOLL FREE: 1-888-680-6100.

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