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50 “1440 Club” Positivity Cards (#80)

1440 club give silent thanks positivity card

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ARISE positivity cards are basically written about life and how to live it successfully. Use these little wonders in group settings or hand them out individually by paying them forward.

Either way we guarantee ARISE positivity cards will bring you deep memorable pleasure no matter what the academic abilities or backgrounds of the recipients are.

Creating these awesome life lessons is a passion of our founders Susan and Edmund Benson. Currently there are 200 plus ARISE positivity cards available.

Price: $13.95


  • 50 ARISE Positivity Cards + Instructions
  • Size: 2 x 3½ inches - two-sided
  • With your purchase of these exciting positivity cards, you receive instructions describing how to effectively use these uplifting messages. DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS

    How to maximize Positivity Cards in a group setting

    Positivity Card CatalogPositivity Card Catalog

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