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Help Save Young Lives Today by Making a Charitable Donation

 Your donation, no matter how small, will make a difference in the life of troubled youth.



Make a tax deductible donation to ARISE and help save young lives!  If your donation is for $80 and up, we will send you one of these beautiful positivity clocks FREE OF CHARGE!  You can give these unique  clocks to your friends, co-workers, family or just keep them for your home.


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ARISE executive officers and directors are totally unpaid. ARISE has never used professional fundraising services. ARISE is a labor of love blessed by the total dedication of Susan and Edmund Benson and a truly devoted staff.

99.999 percent of the funding ARISE receives is used for ARISE programs.

ARISE is a federally approved tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization.
ARISE’s federal exempt tax ID is 59-274 4449.
Combined Federal Funding (CFC) –designation code 12303
Arise Registration number: CH2365


ARISE Helps Ugandan Children become educated in basic life skills!IMAG0191

ARISE Donates Curriculum and Staff training to Ugandan Charity Foundation.


Arise Foundation of Uganda is a non profit, registered non-governmental Christian organization based in Uganda East Africa. It is located in its new home (headquarters) in Makindye Kampala Uganda. It was founded on core christian values.

ARISE Foundation USA (not affiliated with ARISE Uganda) is assisting ARISE Foundation Uganda by providing its life skills curricula and online  instructor training at no charge for use with former child warriors and other deprived children in Uganda.

ARISE Makes a Difference in Kenya

ARISE Donates Curriculum and Staff training to Mercy Adero helping create her dream, a professionally structured parenting organization.

Mercy2Mercy says: “It is her dream to access all of ARISE training modules and books and if possible meet us one day.” Her country has not developed to the level of appreciation for life skills coaching and mentorship but with her help she hopes to accomplish that goal. She is happy that we are mentors for her. Mercy appears to be a very good facilitator with many gifts and with the help that ARISE is giving her she will soar ahead.

What Mercy has told us: “I am honored to be a beneficiary of your online Life Skill Facilitators training. When I expressed interest in your programs and requested the Founders to assist since I did not have the finances, they did not hesitate to communicate back and were kind enough to sponsor me; a true confirmation that this is not a money driven initiative but a calling from God. Long live Edmund and Susan for impacting and changing lives”.

To help us provide more curriculum materials to Mercy and to other organizations in developing countries who need life skills but don’t have the funds, Please press the donate button above.

ARISE Curricula and Life Skills Training Can Make a Huge Difference in the Lives of Troubled, High Risk Young Women and the Children They Will Give Birth to.

Girls make up a growing percentage of the juvenile justice population, and a significant body of research and practice shows that their needs are not being met by a juvenile depressed girljustice system that was designed for boys.

The set of challenges that girls often face as they enter the juvenile justice system include trauma, violence, neglect, mental and physical problems, family conflict, pregnancy, residential and academic instability, and school failure.

“The typical girl in the system is a non-violent offender, who is very often low-risk, but high-need, meaning the girl poses little risk to the public but she enters the system with significant and pressing personal needs.”

Georgetown University Law Center-September 23, 2011

Read about the newest ARISE Relationship Audits Life Skills for Troubled Girls Curriculum.

Make A difference Today…

ARISE Donations - At- Risk Youth Needing Guidance

Because many youth ARISE works with are severely at risk

Drugs. Abuse. Poverty. Bad Neighborhoods. Violence. Overworked parents. These are the types of environments that many severely at-risk youth live in.

You can help save young lives by making a charitable donation. For as little as $17.50 you can provide a life skills lesson to 10 youth.

Transforming Young Lives

For as little as $1,000 you can provide life skills lessons to a group of 10 youth for nine months.. Just think, it takes nine months for a child to be born and in the same length of time, ARISE life skills lessons will transform a young life. Some children need anger management, others need kindness and empathy. Others need to learn how to get and keep a job. You can count on us to use your generous donation in support of all the at-risk youth we serve.With your tax deductible donations ARISE will turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones for the toughest kids on the planet. It is the ARISE Mission to introduce valuable life skills lessons to at-risk youth , enabling these young woman /men to achieve their highest potential as law abiding citizens.

ARISE Donations - Youth being arrested - Youth Behind Bars

The fall and ARISE of Troubled Youth

25 plus years allows us to make this promise, your donation to ARISE will build social and emotional fitness in runaway, truant and other troubled youth.

Time has proven that ARISE offers the perfect combination for troubled youth displaying aggressive behavior, who are also academically, motivationally and emotionally challenged. “Success without life skills is like bread unbaked in the oven.” – Susan and Edmund Benson, Founders

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