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New police officers give back, serve lunch to at-risk youth

July 17, 2015

Last Wednesday, the Independent Florida Alligator published an article about local police officers giving back to the kids at the Reichert house.  Read the full article here. The Reichert House is an after-school program for at-risk boys and is co-founded by GPD Chief of Police Tony Jones. Two of ARISE Certified Master Trainers are on the staff […]

Do you think at-risk youth and the staff that work with them need a positive environment?

July 14, 2015

If you answered yes to that question then ARISE can help you achieve this goal. What is a Positive Work environment? According to the University of Florida, a positive work environment can mean the difference between success and failure for an organization. In Creating a Positive Workplace for Your Associates, IFAS Extension agreed with the […]

Teaching & Motivating Youth with ADHD/ADD and Learning Disabilities

June 29, 2015

  Building a rapport with a learning-disabled, frustrated child or teen starts with tailoring your teaching style to their special needs. ADHD/ADD is a neurological disorder that impacts individuals in four main categories: Attention: youth with ADHD/ADD have trouble paying attention and focusing on tasks, especially if they are not interested in them. Impulsivity: lack […]

ARISE Life Skills Training: What exactly does that mean?

June 12, 2015

Since 1986 ARISE Foundation has provided evidence based life skills training opportunities to organizations working with at-risk populations. Over the years, ARISE has been proven to make fundamental changes in the lives of troubled youth by increasing peacemaking skills such as conflict resolution, problem solving and self control. Here is a breakdown of the kinds […]

10 Enlightening Quotes About Money and the Economy

June 2, 2015

Remember the great recession?  Bailouts, foreclosures and job losses, oh my! Each day seemed to bring more bad news about the economy. Reading the newspaper or watching the news was enough to make anyone anxious about the future and the state of their finances. As we went through this trying time, remember that the country has been […]

What is ARISE? 10 Facts about the ARISE Foundation for Life Skills Training & Curricula

May 22, 2015

10 Facts about ARISE Life Skills: ARISE was started in 1986 by a former at-risk kid and high school dropout, Edmund Benson. He and his wife Susan, an experienced teacher with a Masters Degree, started the foundation as a way to reach at-risk youth. ARISE lessons teach everything from hygiene and manners to sexual abuse […]

Empathy: the key to a better world

May 5, 2015

Empathy Is a Crucial Life Skill for At-Risk Youth Empathy is the ability to understand the world from another’s point of view. When you feel another’s emotional state, this usually allows you to react with kindness. Many at-risk youth lack empathy because they have not been treated with love and kindness. Empathy is rarely a […]

Five Quotes to Ponder

April 16, 2015

Life is a perpetual quest for knowledge. Here are 5 quotes from some of history’s smartest people to help you in your own personal journey. For more quotes like these and to learn how to use them to teach life skills  lessons, visit the ARISE website: to order ARISE books or sign up for […]

Tallahassee Airport Guest Service Desk Employee Gets Noticed!

March 30, 2015

It was another day on the job for Mary, assisting frazzled travelers and pointing people toward their flights at Tallahassee Regional Airport’s Guest Service desk. She got up from her post to stretch her legs. When she returned, she found a little blue card lying atop a newspaper she’d left on her desk. It said, “You’ve […]

Islamic State Recruits Are Young, Angry And Rebellious

March 12, 2015

In a recent issue of the Huffington Post, Jessica Elgot writes that going off to fight for a “noble” cause is an exciting prospect for a young man with a troubled past and few prospects at home, but the Instagram and Twitter pictures and statuses posted by British recruits show cute cats, Robin Williams movies […]

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