ARISE Life Skills

A Proven, Across the Board Approach to Empower At-Risk Youth

Why use the ARISE LIFE SKILLS program?

Because ARISE delivers proven strategies in plain English that enables at-risk youth to easily understand and retain all ARISE life skills lessons to make lasting changes in their lives. From independent living skills to dropout prevention and anger management, ARISE Life Skills lessons engage youth and get the message through. What to watch for after the lessons? A new sense of wellbeing-engaged, motivated, positive attitudes.

Why train your care givers in the proven ARISE TEACHING FORMULA?

Often, group instructors may not have any teaching experience. That is why ARISE offers instructor training as part of their evidence-based life skills program. The ARISE Life Skills Instructor training prepares group instructors to teach the ARISE Life Skills Program to at-risk youth in the most effective and entertaining way.

I have used the ARISE model for the past 10 years working with Juveniles involved in the correctional system, youth in foster care, as well as with adults inpatient psychiatric facilities and the community. ARISE is a program that has been extremely effective in working with the various populations teaching independent living and recovery skills. Alvin Hinkle, Washington DC

Overall I truly enjoyed the training, what I thought I knew about teaching a group went out the window as I learned the ARISE method. I am very glad that I took the course, I realized I was not as prepared as I thought. I am looking forward to getting my group started. My classes will be the 1st in our area to offer ARISE life skills, and I feel privileged to be able to help these young people and help them get on the right path in life. Shelley Doneghue, The Master’s Hands NFP, Olney Illinois