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150 Benefits of ARISE

Life Skills and Staff Training Program

  1. ARISE provides teens with the tools to survive on their own—tools that many youth should have learned from their parents, but did not.
  2. ARISE material generates high interest and is presented on a low reading level, allowing youth on varying educational levels to become fully engaged and involved.
  3. Staff trained by ARISE become more positive toward the youth. They begin to use constructive language and praise instead of put-downs and demeaning responses.
  4. Teachers enjoy using ARISE because it provides proven tools that significantly reduce planning time.
  5. ARISE-generated discussions allow staff to learn more about youths’ backgrounds and ways of thinking. This open dialogue enables staff to help each student on an individual basis and deal with issues that may not even arise in counseling sessions.
  6. Every ARISE lesson stands on its own. This material was created specifically for places where class turnover and absences are the norm.
  7. You don’t have to be a teacher; in fact, most people who use ARISE have never taught a day in their lives prior to training.
  8. ARISE presents solutions to real issues youth face every day.
  9. ARISE groups allow youth to openly express themselves in ways not always possible in other settings.
  10. ARISE broadens the horizons of youth by allowing them to engage in group dialogue with their peers while life skills instructors guide the discussion.
  11. ARISE life skills lessons combat boredom and passive listening through group interaction and participation. Everyone gets involved.
  12. Through student participation and discussion, ARISE helps instructors learn who their students are and tailor their lessons accordingly.
  13. The ARISE program serves as an outlet for learners to express themselves creatively and otherwise, enabling them to see exactly how they will benefit personally from these lessons.
  14. ARISE encourages young women and men to actively participate without fear of being made fun of or embarrassed, no matter how poorly they read, write, or express themselves verbally.
  15. Encourages problem solving without putting youth on the spot or risking embarrassment.
  16. Students get the feeling their thoughts and ideas matter, elevating their self-esteem.
  17. The open dialogue format makes students feel free to express themselves in a nonjudgmental environment that promotes open, honest exchanges.
  18. Flexible lessons allow the instructor to tailor activities according to his/her schedule.
  19. Teens and young adults with limited reading and writing skills are provided with a program that offers proven alternatives to a life of crime or poverty.
  20. ARISE enhances all aspects of learning among its vital lessons. It instills tenacity and a refusal to quit when the going gets tough.
  21. Proven to decrease school disciplinary referrals, suspensions, and expulsions.
  22. ARISE lessons give youngsters who suffer from mom-and-dad deprivation and a lack of social ethics the guidance and support they need to become productive citizens.
  23. Identifies problems in a person’s life and finds ways to handle everyday situations in a positive manner.
  24. ARISE interactive lessons spark imagination and creativity in the minds of bored and sometimes lost students.
  25. Instructors have an easy-to-use program that shows positive results from the first class.
  26. Gives kids and teens the ability to teach the information they learned to their own children later in life.
  27. Lessons are not built upon the prior lesson, so instructors have the opportunity to choose those appropriate for a particular emphasis, as well as their own personal favorites.
  28. Lessons are self-contained; no additional material is needed.
  29. ARISE activities involve role-playing exercises that students enjoy.
  30. Books can be bought and used individually.
  31. ARISE provides the opportunity for youth to talk openly about topics that their parents may not have the time or energy to discuss.
  32. ARISE classes foster a caring and open environment where everyone is important and all ideas are good ideas.
  33. Helps juvenile justice facilities meet their quality assurance requirements.
  34. Teaches youth valuable tools in a fun way, as opposed to traditional lecture/textbook methods.
  35. Teaches adolescents how to solve problems in a nonviolent manner.
  36. Increases self-esteem in youth who feel poorly about themselves.
  37. Builds strong relationships between the youth and their instructors.
  38. Provides an excellent experience for mentors who want to work with adolescents and improve their teaching skills while also helping out in the community.
  39. Shows youth how to build a support system, so they have people they can turn to when they need help in finding a job, a church, new friends, or just someone to talk to.
  40. Changes youths’ attitudes—helps them become more positive.
  41. Youth who learn ARISE become happier, healthier people than those who lack these vital life skills.
  42. ARISE’s interactive lessons encourage youth to communicate effectively with newfound confidence.
  43. Amazing but true, youth actually become comfortable and self-assured when speaking in front of a group.
  44. Administrators don’t have to buy life-skills materials from various sources since we cover all the important topics—we’re a one-stop shop.
  45. Since ARISE is not boring, youths participate and learn more.
  46. Youth develop respect for both self and society because they can see how it works for them, versus violent and aggressive behavior where they end up under lock and key.
  47. Youth relate to the lessons because they can try out this new information right away.
  48. Youth pass on these valuable tips to peers and siblings, so they too can be successful. Talk about building self-esteem—WOW!
  49. Youth will be more successful and less frustrated after they have learned ARISE life skills. These feelings of greater success and less frustration cause them to make a complete 180-degree turn and put them on the path to a positive lifestyle.
  50. Youth are more open to learning when they realize it can be fun. They open up like flowers in spring once they find out how much they personally benefit when they stop “slugging it out” with society.
  51. The staff, too, learns valuable life lessons from teaching ARISE.
  52. ARISE works! It’s statistically proven!
  53. ARISE material applies to all ethnic backgrounds and both genders.
  54. ARISE has won awards and thanks from clergy, Congress, county school systems, teachers, police, etc. Just look at the testimonials on the ARISE website.
  55. ARISE is as current as today’s newspaper.
  56. The ARISE program is professionally managed.
  57. There are over 260 life skills topics.
  58. ARISE has a ton of lessons relating to health, personal safety, and parenting. Teens learn the responsibilities involved in bringing little ones into this world.
  59. Can be taught before, during, and after school.
  60. Can be used as a full curriculum or as supplemental material to a pre-existing curriculum.
  61. Lessons do not contain a lot of hard-and-fast rules or teacher information that must be learned beforehand.
  62. Upon their release and return to their family and neighborhood, youth are better equipped with the critical skills necessary to avoid situations that previously would have led to violence or drug-related crimes.
  63. According to the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice recidivism data, communities benefit from the ARISE program because these youth are less likely to commit other crimes.
  64. Volunteers who use ARISE become involved in community service and learn that when they give of themselves, they receive a great deal in return.
  65. Parents-to-be learn to care for children, including childproofing the home, loving and spending quality time together.
  66. ARISE Little by Little Pre-K-Grade 1 teaches children at the earliest possible age how to survive and succeed in their socially and environmentally polluted world, ensuring that they become productive citizens of tomorrow.
  67. ARISE lessons are documented to reduce truancy, even in alternative schools where attendance for youth over 16 is not mandatory.
  68. Youth actually learn, through interactive groups, how their own decisions affect them. They stop blaming everyone else in their lives for their current misfortune.
  69. Decreases the number of violent crimes committed by juveniles.
  70. Taxpayers benefit because they don’t have to support homeless, delinquent dropouts.
  71. Teenagers who have spent most of their lives in foster care after being abused or deserted by their parents are learning ARISE survival lessons for independent living. They learn how to fend for themselves, handle a job interview, apply for a job, ask the boss for time off, and deal with a personal crisis, plus over 260 powerful new skills so they can make it on their own.
  72. ARISE students are often desperate young men and women driven to crime, and without this intervention and re-entry program, they would be forced to face a lifetime of poverty, violence, and menial jobs guaranteed to demoralize their existence.
  73. The founders of ARISE believe that when we accept at-risk youth as they are, we do them a disservice; when we help them become what they are capable of, all of society benefits.
  74. ARISE material is sensitive and able to reach culturally diverse populations.
  75. ARISE prevention is the perfect public safety strategy. It teaches children how to cope with dangers and challenges in their day-to-day lives.
  76. Preventing criminal behavior is cheaper and more likely to succeed than incarceration.
  77. Keeps children off the streets and out of trouble while teaching them valuable life skills.
  78. ARISE helps children feel good about themselves and thus react positively to the people around them.
  79. Helps kids learn more about themselves and understand what the world expects of them.
  80. Helps to build solid futures for high-risk students.
  81. ARISE delivers the tools juveniles need to survive and prosper in the “real” world, not just in their neighborhoods.
  82. ARISE instructor training never ends; there are bronze, silver, and gold levels to work toward.
  83. Builds confidence in the learners so that they can follow their dreams.
  84. Encourages learners to be independent and work hard for what they want instead of getting things through the “easy” way of crime.
  85. Shows learners that the situation they were born into (poverty, violence, or ignorance) is not where they have to stay—ARISE gives them the tools to reach for the better places in life.
  86. Assists youth in achieving their highest potential, enriching their own lives and those of the people with whom they interact.
  87. New, fresh, interactive material is prepared specifically for changing “street smarts” into “life smarts.”
  88. Not everyone is born a teacher, but anyone can be a mentor with this program.
  89. High IQs are not as important as high self-esteem, and ARISE is the surefire booster of self-esteem.
  90. The best instructors are former learners.
  91. Teach a man to fish and he will never be hungry; teach a youth ARISE and he will never lack self-esteem.
  92. It is the simplest lessons that remain in one’s mind and make the difference. ARISE is full of lessons that learners remember.
  93. Helps learners realize and work on repairing their own self-destructive behaviors.
  94. Customer’s money is refundable if he or she is not satisfied with ARISE materials or training.
  95. Toll-free phone assistance (1-888-680-6100) with an ARISE Program Specialist is always available.
  96. Helps teens sort out their confusion related to drugs, violence, and sex.
  97. Helps youth realize that there’s more to life than what they may see in their neighborhoods. The youth realize they can be successful in the real world, not just within three or four blocks of their homes.
  98. Teaches an instructor to have more patience.
  99. A new student can jump right in with the class.
  100. Materials are also available in Spanish.
  101. Helps learners make the right life choices.
  102. Helps participants communicate better.
  103. Teaches learners to consider the consequences of their actions.
  104. Helps learners identify problems in their lives and find positive ways to handle any situation.
  105. ARISE has proven time and again that when youth learn that dropping out of school is a dead-end road, they don’t want to skip school.
  106. ARISE groups give everyone the chance to express his or her opinion.
  107. Once youth are back at home and issues surface—no place to live, anger, their friends pulling them into their quicksand—old behavior patterns can come back in a moment. This is when ARISE life skills REALLY kick in.
  108. Everyone directly and indirectly involved, including instructors, family members, friends and the youth themselves, learns and benefits from ARISE’s valuable life skills.
  109. Helps build relationships between the youths’ families and the instructor.
  110. ARISE is written on a high-interest, low-reading level, so it’s easy-to-understand material.
  111. No strict teacher guidelines to follow.
  112. ARISE teaches the Three Rs: Responsibility, Respect, and Refusal skills.
  113. The program touches base and helps with everyday life.
  114. ARISE group lessons do away with the Three Ds: Disobedience, Disruptive behavior, and Disorderly conduct. Guaranteed!
  115. Helps build relationships among coworkers.
  116. Reasonably priced.
  117. Stresses the importance of education versus dropping out, and in blunt language details what life will be like for those who find school toxic to their health.
  118. Reaches a wide range of ages, from pre-k through young adults.
  119. Students can walk away with vital information after just one lesson.
  120. It’s not a “preach and teach” program.
  121. Allows youth an opportunity to think.
  122. ARISE has been teaching life skills since 1986; we know what works with at-risk youth.
  123. The juvenile justice system is acting as the farm team, supplying players readying themselves to commit crime in the big leagues and wind up behind bars. ARISE is the only program of its kind that short-circuits the juvenile crime cycle.
  124. Provides important information each of us needs to be successful.
  125. Designed for instruction and use in a variety of settings: juvenile justice, public schools, alternative schools, boys’ and girls’ clubs, community parks programs, Salvation Army facilities, and many more.
  126. ARISE has a statistically proven track record and a history dating back to 1986.
  127. Lessons are short, quick, and memorable.
  128. A wide variety of complementary materials, including videos, posters and bus books, are designed for use with the books.
  129. Each manual provides word-for-word teacher instructions for easy lesson planning.
  130. There are workbooks available for the learners.
  131. Specifically designed to reach at-risk youth.
  132. Created for participants with low reading and comprehension abilities.
  133. Topics cover what teenagers today want and need to know about.
  134. Positive program. There are absolutely no negatives or put-downs in this material.
  135. ARISE training teaches participants the best methods of reaching troubled youth.
  136. Youth enrolled in this program can draw on a wider base of knowledge and a larger vocabulary, which can be attributed to the ARISE material. These lessons stimulate curiosity and an appetite to learn more.
  137. The ARISE formula empowers ARISE-trained staff with the tools they will need to teach the kids and teens to become productive members of society.
  138. Training enhances and polishes existing instructor skill sets, while at the same time helping to develop new, subtler skills to help manage and redirect troubled teens.
  139. Perfect for the individual who has never taught at-risk youth a day in his or her life because the training is clear, informative, and easy to follow.
  140. The entire focus of our program is participatory learning. If lessons are perceived as “fun,” youth won’t even know they are learning. Our staff training teaches the hidden skills necessary to accomplish this goal. In fact, the ARISE program is guaranteed to work.
  141. ARISE uses a step-by-step method that enables trainees to successfully implement and teach the program after a one-day training session.
  142. Emphasizes the importance of teaching today’s youth in a positive manner while remaining in control of a group setting.
  143. The ARISE training encourages facilitators to conduct groups using high levels of interaction and positivism. This provides a comfortable atmosphere for the youth and opens the doors for learning.
  144. Boost quality assurance scores by instituting ARISE life skills lessons and staff training.
  145. Staff gains additional skills in communicating with the youth.
  146. ARISE instructors often ask their groups, “If your life were a business, would you invest in it?” Then they step back and watch the wheels turn and the conversation get hot.
  147. Proves staff’s ability to “get through” to youth with behavior problems.
  148. Teens emerging from the ARISE program see a direct connection between their life-skills education and their chances for future employment.
  149. ARISE is specifically designed for youth coming from hard neighborhoods where crime is cool and justice is the exception. These young men and women can now enjoy a post-release lifestyle of abstinence from illicit drug use and/or criminal behavior because they’ve undergone a profound reversal, attributed mostly to the ARISE program, which is aimed at turning high-risk youth into low-risk, functioning adolescents.
  150. Instructors are able to “stand and deliver” ARISE lessons in as little as one day.
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