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Two Day Life Skills Instructor Certification Training in New York

A 2 DAY Life Skills Certification Training has been scheduled on March 13 and 14, 2018 In Yonkers New York. A few seats are still available.

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ARISE 25 Years and Counting


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For Over 25 years, ARISE has Dedicated Its
Efforts to Reducing Juvenile Recidivism and Educating Troubled Youth

North Palm Beach, FL – ARISE life-skills lessons for teens, have been helping incarcerated youth build self-esteem, control anger, discover the personal and financial value of education, learn how to maintain their health, make better decisions, communicate effectively and choose better relationships.

The lessons are designed to show participants that actions have consequences – and to make clear the specific consequences of the individual choices they have made. ARISE enables at-risk youth, through interactive group sessions conducted by a trained facilitator, to identify with the feelings of others while showing empathy and consideration.

Jane Wilson has worked with inmates as a tutor, literary coach and life skills instructor.   In a paper written while she was a senior at Stanford University (2007) titled “Reducing Juvenile Recidivism in the United Stages,” she noted that some 2.4 million juveniles are charged with offenses annually; 55% of juveniles released from incarceration nationwide are rearrested within one year; and in urban centers, 76% are rearrested within one year.   Ms. Wilson’s studies indicated that the most effective programs in reducing recidivism are respectful of the youth, help them develop empathy, and teach them interpersonal skills such as anger management and conflict resolution.

Through its anger management curriculum and ARISE for Change program ARISE teaches youth to make better choices through managing anger, as well as showing them how to effectively resolve conflicts without resorting to violence. They learn that they, alone, are responsible for their actions, not anyone else.

In conjunction with the youth curricula, ARISE offers staff training to make the program complete. The ARISE Life Skills Instructor Certification and Drop It At The Door trainings, incorporate over 260 lessons and interactive sessions, teaching adult participants to listen reflectively and to show empathy towards rebellious and defiant youth.

Since ARISE was established in 1986, it has trained and certified  over 5,559 ARISE Life-Skills Group Facilitators who have taught over 5,830,857 documented hours (averaging 13,646 hours per month) of interactive ARISE Life Skills lessons for at-risk youth and teens across the United States and beyond. ARISE is also being used in Canada, Jamaica, England, Australia, Bahamas, Bermuda, New Zealand, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Bosnia, Kazakhstan, Kingdom of Bahrain, South Africa, Vietnam, Uganda, Nigeria and Haiti.

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