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ARISE’s Contribution to Juvenile Justice Reform

The Big 6

SIX BIG reasons why ARISE is the go-to source for cost-effective community-based programs for juvenile offenders, hard to handle, abused, neglected, abandoned, alternatives to incarceration, disadvantaged, under-served youth

1 Reasons for ARISE Juvenile Justice ReformFor 30 plus years, ARISE has been a comprehensive resource for those engaged in providing institutional and community-based programs services for at-risk youth and their families. Now studies are showing that keeping juvenile and young adult offenders closer to home produces better outcomes at lower costs than confinement behind razor wire fences and steel doors. Juvenile justice reform…at last! We have been praying for this for years. View the Florida DJJ Facility List »
2 Reasons for ARISE ARISE time tested, evidence based prevention and early intervention programs creates a platform for juveniles to develop strong bonds with their ARISE trained (an optional opportunity) Life Skills Group Facilitators who act as mentors, right in the youths’ own neighborhoods. These positive role models share ARISE’s basic life skills (never demeaning) from a complete library of ARISE Life Skills curricula written specifically for troubled youth with reading, writing and comprehension difficulties and those with history of aggressive/disruptive behavior. Now they effortlessly connect with these youth in lively, interactive group sessions. Achieve results never before imagined for literally, PENNIES a day.

ARISE Life Skills Group Facilitator Online Course


3 Reasons for ARISE

Recent reports in the media refer to youth unemployment as a “disaster” where youngsters don’t know the basics, from getting on with co-workers to managing their anger, setting an alarm clock or reading a bus or train schedule. Practical topics like these are baked into every ARISE lesson. ARISE groups introduce troubled youth to new possibilities, the know-how to bounce back from setbacks, connect with others and become the best version of themselves.

ARISE Anger Management Course


4 Reasons for ARISE ARISE Family Tools program addresses the sad fact that too many young people are lacking role models in their own families. ARISE Family Tools creates, maintains and strengthens the goal of achieving conflict free, supportive relationships within and beyond their own family.

More Information on Family Tools


5 Reasons for ARISE ARISE curricula (downloadable or conventional books) staff training (online or in person) offers communities, groups and individuals the ability to establish cost effective community based programs that address Court ordered sanctions, alternatives to incarceration and probation vs. jail time. ARISE programs work equally well in specialized residential, detention, diversion, transition, reentry and aftercare alternatives to incarceration.

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6 Reasons for ARISE ARISE offers comprehensive evidence based curricula and staff training programs at a fraction of the cost normally associated with highly successful proven programs of this kind.How come? As a non-profit established in 1986, ARISE is still managed by the Benson’s its founders whose goal it is to share 25 plus years of experience at prices every organization can afford.In addition to the major programs they have developed and life skills curricula they have written, Susan and Edmund Benson’s dream is sharing their success and wisdom so at-risk youth become more resilient to adversity and achieve what they once could barely imagine.

Literally, all it takes is pennies a day to educate and inspire unlimited youth.There is enough effective, interactive material to make a difference in the lives of thousands of youth using the ARISE Life Skills program. You could conduct ARISE groups three times each week for 4 months, and you would not duplicate a single lesson. The downloadable instructor manuals have the learner’s work sheets that can be used over and over again. When ready, fresh new ARISE eBooks are available at $14.95. (hardcover curricula is $29.95 plus shipping and handling)

Just imagine, ARISE makes it possible for you to establish an evidence based, ongoing life management skills program targeting undeserved youth for an investment of only $199.


With ARISE you can stay connected. The Benson’s want to get to know you. Learn how you’re progressing, offer assistance if requested, suggest creative solutions to problems you may be dealing with . YES, they want to share your successes and frustrations. They’ve made it easy, call-Toll free 1-888-680 6100 or email Thefounders@arisefoundation.orgFYI – We agree completely with Florida Department of Juvenile Justice Secretary Wansley Walters, “If we don’t shepherd these youth into adulthood with some sort of education or skill set in order to get a job, they have very few options other than to become criminals.”
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