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2 Day Life Skills Instructor Certification Training scheduled for

February 8th and 9th, 2018

Camelback Resort
301 Resort Drive
Tannerville, PA 18372
Trainer: Judy Lyons

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Testimonials from People who Completed the ARISE Online Life Skills Instructor Course.

Real Testimonials from Living, Breathing, Approachable People who have Completed this Boredom Free ARISE Online Course.

Alex Petrou
Geelong, Australia

“This training exceeded my expectations. What I found most helpful about it was the way in which it was delivered. The presenter was very clear and the classroom was very interactive. Also the user interface for the content itself was well done; easy to navigate and to keep track of what I had done. I particularly found the step by step instructions of how to best utilize the ARISE curricula very helpful. I was looking forward to working with the kids already but this training just got me even more so! The presenter in the video clips of an actual training was wonderful and it was refreshing to see an instructor with such zest. In general I found the ARISE formula to be very beneficial. I also felt that it gives you the flexibility to tailor things to your own sessions. The online portal was very good and I believe this training will be of benefit to anyone seeking quality training for youth in the human services sector.”

Gwendolyn Johnson
Durham, NC

“What I found most helpful about the training was the ability to complete it at my own pace. I thought the training was very informative and will assist me tremendously.”

Kim Therrien
Port Arthur, TX

“This training exceeded my expectations. I particularly found the step by step instructions of how to best utilize the ARISE curricula very helpful. I was looking forward to working with the kids already but this training just got me even more so!”

Alisha Rosenberger
Yukon Territory, Canada

“I live in Northern Canada, so being able to access the training from my office was fantastic!!! It can be difficult to access training when you live so far north! I really enjoyed the format, and flexibility of the course. The staff at ARISE were WONDERFUL to work with, and quick to help me resolve any issues I encountered while completing the course. I will definitely take more training from ARISE in the future! Jolliett was also AMAZING! I really enjoyed her style and learning from her!” See the complete evaluation.

Leon S. Fields
Thomson, GA

“Despite the fact that it was an online training, the video sessions made me feel as though I was in the classroom with the other students. I really liked this training. At first I was skeptical, now I’m convinced that this was an excellent training program. I received several good suggestions for how to make my presentations more effective. I feel prepared to teach ARISE life skills lessons. ”

Garrett Tuck
Granbury, TX

“The videos are the best. It was like being at an actually training but better. If I missed something, I just watched it again until I got it. The reference material is great and the additional material offered at the end of the course is fabulous. I want to continue to exchange ideas and comments. I would love to work with ARISE on a project someday. With your help, we at Hood County Counseling Center can help all folks succeed in life. Thank you for helping us achieve our goals.”

Kristen Isaac
Bear, DE

“The training exceeded my expectations. Even though it was a trainer on video, the trainer was enthusiastic about what she was teaching and it helped me want to pay attention. The ARISE formula is very helpful. It was a great training, especially since it was online and it could have become boring and uninteresting. I feel prepared to teach ARISE life skills as a result of this online training.”

Amy Phillips
Aurora, Indiana

This is an excellent training for new group leaders. The ARISE teaching formula being played out in each session was helpful. This course was fun and easy to go through. The use of video clips of an actual training helped me understand how to present the materials in a classroom group setting.”

Wanda Fluney
Barrie, Ontario

“The convenience of doing the lessons at my own pace, and the ability to watch the training being done by the instructor… a feeling of being in the class, without actually being there!”

Paige Woodard
Stockton, CA

“I recently took the ARISE training online and I found it to be absolutely fantastic. The training was wonderful. Even though I was taking the class online with the instructor in the video, the worksheets, the forums, the encouragement and praise, I felt like I was right in the class room with them! I learned so much from this training that I can take right out into my line of work now! Thank you for the feedback. I had no idea you responded to the assignments. I loved it. This training taught me how to be approachable when teaching the class and how to get people to participate, even when they don’t normally do so. I feel that I have so much more knowledge that is going to help so many people and I couldn’t be happier, especially to know that I have been trained by whom I feel is the BEST! Thanks ARISE!”

Marilu Ramirez
Family Liaison Services
Fresno , CA

“The training was great and exceeded my expectations. The video clips of the actual training helped me view how I would teach my class. I now know to ask questions to get the youth involved in the lessons.The course was fun and easy to go through.”


Daniel Alyea,
DVI Prison,
Tracy CA

“This online training is EXCELLENT for the classes I have to do. It is wonderful for diverse populations in prison. The course gave me more of an understanding of teaching techniques then I already have. The customer service was excellent! I was immediately emailed when I had an issue about things. I would recommend this training to others!!!”

Colleen Toulouse
Special Education Resource Assistant

“I enjoyed the course. I feel I have successful gained skills and look forward to applying to my classroom. I enjoyed watching the videos . It was good to see an actual training. The ARISE teaching formula will enhance my teaching in a group discussion format. I am looking forward to using the curriculum materials in my class.”


Kathy Givens, Crosbyton TX

“This training was much better than I anticipated. The training of “ teaching” should be a prerequisite for all teachers in every school. This online course was much better than what they teach you in college. The Japanese school clip was amazing? Unforgettable training.”

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