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A non-profit since 1986
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Evidence-Based Life Skills Lessons and Professional Staff Training
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Two Day Life Skills Instructor Certification Training in New York

A 2 DAY Life Skills Certification Training has been scheduled on March 13 and 14, 2018 In Yonkers New York. A few seats are still available.

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How to Assess ARISE

Why should ARISE merit your donation? The following questions and answers will help you better assess the value of your contribution to this statistically proven, award-winning program with a proven record of success.

What is the mission of the ARISE Foundation?

The ARISE mission is to assist at-risk youth in achieving their highest potential by enriching their own lives and the lives of those with whom they interact.

How does ARISE control its cost and what cost efficiencies does ARISE expect to achieve?

ARISE’s accounting and cost controls are rigid. We account for and track every penny. Proudly, ARISE has never been late on a commitment. As for new cost efficiencies, ARISE could double its size without increasing its basic overhead. Therefore, 100% of every dollar contributed to ARISE will be used directly for program activities.

How does ARISE differ from similar non-profits?

To our knowledge, no other non-profit offers similar services. ARISE has 17 years of documented success establishing its programs in the United States and beyond. To read evaluations about ARISE programs, curriculum, and staff training, check out the ARISE Evidence-Based Studies page.

What percentage of total expenses does ARISE spend on program activities?

85% of ARISE expenses are for direct program activities. The average is 65% for non-profits.

What percentage of total expenses does ARISE spend on fund raising activities?

ARISE spends only 11% of its funds on fundraising. Most nonprofits spend over 15% on fundraising.

What percentage of total expenses does ARISE spend on overhead?

ARISE spends only 14% of its funds on overhead. Most non-profits spend over 20%.

What is the tax status of the ARISE Foundation?

ARISE is a 501 c-3 tax exempt organization. All donations are tax deductible. ARISE has maintained this tax status since its inception in 1986.

Where can I get an even more detailed assessment of ARISE?

If you seek a detailed assessment, please find ARISE’s IRS Form 990 through Guidestar, a resource of Philanthropic Research, Inc. (PRI) of Williamsburg, VA. Check out Guidestar’s website at or contact them by phone at (757) 229-4631.

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