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Going Forward!

ARISE has also added many new instructor manuals and workbooks to its library of uniquely written, easily understood life skills lessons. A particular emphasis has been placed on topics such as anger and conflict management, gangs, teen health and wellness and most recently soul stirring life lessons for teen girls.

In addition, ARISE has created two fully functioning on line training programs: one for life skills group facilitators another for employees working in high stress occupations, particularly where youth and adults are held under lock and key.

ARISE has a free positivity card app available for mobile phones and tablets. There are now 133 ARISE positivity cards, which are also available as 12×18 posters.

A new program has been created called “Family Tools.” This program consists of 12 -90 minute group life skills lessons for parents and children.

We at ARISE will continue providing easily understood, highly effective life skills lessons that are dynamic and developmentally appropriate. In addition, those compassionate and caring adults whom we certify as ARISE life skills trainers, continue to bring this successful, innovative, evidence based program to at-risk youth in a wide variety of settings and programs. ARISE works so well because our instructors ask questions in groups but rarely offer answers, instead helping learners learn from one another through discussion. Learning in ARISE groups is not an individual act, it’s a social act and everyone participates.

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Susan & Edmund Benson

ARISE Founders

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