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Public and Private Schools

Until now we have focused on identified at-risk populations, namely juvenile detention centers. However, this material is appropriate for all youth, in all settings. Why? Because ARISE Life Skills lessons are an education in common sense. Life skills and youth are not being taught this information in the conventional setting, at home, anymore. It has become the burden of institutions outside the home to teach youth what they need to know in order to become successful adults. Public and private school settings are a prime place to introduce youth to our materials, especially at a time when stories of school violence, teen pregnancy, and teen drug use headline newspapers and nightly news programs.

Juvenile Detention Centers

The Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) throughout South Florida is currently using this material. As pre- and post- tests of DJJ inmates indicate, after going through one of our SOS programs, there has been a significant shift in the way young criminal offenders view the relationship between morality and action.

Alternative Schools

Schools that specialize in educating “problem” students have the same challenge public and private schools have. They must provide an academic education while teaching youth how to deal with life’s difficulties in positive, constructive ways. The ARISE programs help meet the needs of students who could not function in conventional classroom settings. Since ARISE Life Skills material is written on a fourth grade reading level, even youth who cannot function in public schools can work ARISE lessons with relative ease. ARISE books also aid teachers who are on the front line in carrying out this task. Lesson planning is already done, and there is nothing new to write, research, or buy.


Churches and other houses of worship often use enrichment programs to keep their youth involved in constructive activities, with adults from the membership volunteering to facilitate or oversee the program. Because ARISE Life Skills lessons teach the same basic concepts of responsibility, respect, and awareness, religious outlets are a perfect market to use ARISE Life Skills material.

National Youth Enrichment Programs

There are dozens of national organizations that provide enrichment education for the youth they serve, such as: Inner City Games, Head Start, Boys and Girls Clubs, Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of America. Inner City Games of South Florida already use ARISES as well as the Salvation Army Corps around the country. The target of our program is teaching youth respect for self and society in direct alignment with the initiatives set forth by virtually all of these programs.

Police Departments

The ARISE Law Enforcement program is one that has been endorsed by former Miami Police Chief Donald Warshaw and the Director of the Miami Dade Police Department Carlos Alvarez. With so much controversy surrounding the ineffectiveness of the well-known D.A.R.E program, there is a need for a proven, more effective program. ARISE has already scaled the hurdle of determining effectiveness.


While to date this has not been a primary focus for us, it is a viable market because just as the books are used in a classroom setting, the lessons can be used between parent and child. Because these books are designed to generate discussion, ARISE books will be especially useful to parents who want to talk to their kids, but normally have a hard time getting started.

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