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With the Metro-Dade grant, the ENVIRO-MENTORS concept is training these young adults to teach ENVIRO-COPS about everything from “Friendly Foods” (high-fiber, low in fat, salt and sugar), good health habits and personal safety, to “Looking For Trouble” that could cause harm to younger brothers and sisters at home, and conducting “Environmental Audits” in their neighborhood to pinpoint potential sources of danger. Actually, they’re teaching the environmental facts of life for the ’90s and beyond.

An exciting project for 1993: A 16-page, full-color comic book featuring the exploits of Marvel Comics’ superheroine Namorita and Dade County’s own superheroes, ENVIRO-COPS, helping teach all elementary school kids the dangers of guns, drugs, tobacco and alcohol in a medium they enjoy. With a $60,000 grant from Metro-Dade Police Department’s Law Enforcement Trust Fund, the text will encourage youngsters to recognize police as the kid-friendly people ENVIRO-COPS can approach for support when needed.

One of Edmund and Susan Bensons’ maxims is “We’re doing what you’d be doing if you had the time.” ENVIRO-MENTORS become the role models kids can easily relate to as they learn their way through the minefield of dangers they face every day.

“Our message is empowerment – that elementary school students can change things and have an impact on their world.”  ENVIRO-COPS is a living, breathing multitude of young people (starting in 2nd grade when minds are eager to learn) who are littering less, saving more and, most importantly, developing the “I can make a difference” feeling!

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