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About the Bensons

Arise_001In 1986, the Bensons established a non-profit foundation, ARISE Foundation, which through its Anti-Pollution Committee, alerted, educated and badgered residents and government representatives of the severe environmental problems being caused by Dade County’s garbage incinerator. The facility, built without serious health considerations, was emitting unacceptable levels of toxic pollutants.

The primary focus of ARISE Foundation at that time was environmental education. Edmund and Susan Benson directed many of their activities toward our schools in Dade County, throughout the nation, and the world to reach the maximum number of people who can achieve short and long-term impact on the threats to life and health of our throw-away, chemically-oriented society.

Edmund became to South Florida what Rachel Carson became to America: an endearing workaholic who spent every waking hour committed to protecting our beautiful and delicate environment, and to ensure that today’s children and their children inherit a healthy community. “This truly motivated man made a fundamental commitment, through his personal convictions and intellectual integrity, from which everyone benefits.” The Miami Herald Spirit of Excellence Award, Sept. 11, 1990.

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