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Two Day Life Skills Instructor Certification Training in New York

A 2 DAY Life Skills Certification Training has been scheduled on March 13 and 14, 2018 In Yonkers New York. A few seats are still available.

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The History of ARISE

Edmund and Susan Benson, Founders


Edmund F. Benson was born in Boston in 1929 and attended school there. Impatient to do his part during World War II, at age 14 he joined the Massachusetts State Guard. One month after his 16th birthday, he joined the U.S. Merchant Marine. Three years later, he enlisted in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. At age 21, he established a sales organization which grew into a chain of 18 furniture rental showrooms with locations stretching from Boston to Austin, TX.

In 1972, he moved his business headquarters and family to South Florida. Since his retirement in 1982, he has devoted 100 percent of his time and energy to making the world safe for children. Susan Benson, M.S. Ed., was born in New York in 1942 and attended school there. She has been an educator with over 30 years of experience teaching learning challenged children and young adults.

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Edmund F. Benson: At-Risk Kid

As a child,  Eddie (his name back then) was a “troublemaker.” That’s what they called at-risk youth when he was growing up. Parents would warn their children, “Stay away from that Benson boy; he is bad news.” Fortunately, drug use was not as common in those days and crime wasn’t an option in his family circle. Committing a crime would have been as remote an option as planning to eat lunch on the moon. It is sad to say, but Eddie’s home life was miserable. There was no love or understanding.  His family looked at him as a loser, a dropout, and a rebel. In their eyes, he couldn’t do anything right.  At school life was no better for Eddie. The teachers would use whips (long, hard pieces of bamboo) to beat him over his hands and body in an effort to control him. That didn’t work.

ARISE Foundation Founder - Edmund F. Benson: At-Risk Kid

Eddie, 16, in front of his ship docked in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Eddie was not destined for higher education. He joined the Massachusetts State Guard at the age of 14 and the Massachusetts National Guard at 15. He quit school at 16 and enlisted in the US Merchant Marines at the tail end of World War II. His first trip on a freighter lasted six months and went to South America, Africa, and Germany. The ship was populated with people who were either dishonorably discharged from the US Armed Forces or who hadn’t been allowed to enlist in the service due to their prison records. They were tough characters. His adventures could fill a book, including one where he was totally lost one night in the infamous Kasbah in Casablanca, North Africa. It was common for Americans to be killed just for their shoes in that area. After the Merchant Marines, Eddie joined the US Army Engineers where he got his GED. He received an honorable discharge when his enlistment time was up.

ARISE Foundation Founder - Edmund F. Benson

Eddie age 20, at parade rest. US Army Engineers Ft. Belvoir, VA.

At age 21, Eddie started his own business selling pots and pans door to door. In those days he was referred to as a custom peddler. He realized if he was going to be successful with his limited education, he would have to work twice as hard as those with high school diplomas and college degrees. That’s what he calls his “two-day-a-day work ethic.”  Eddie (now called Edmund) still works no less than 16 hours a day, seven days a week. This entrepreneur built a successful business that stretched from Boston, MA to Austin, TX and at age 52 he retired.

He left the world of commerce with a single purpose—to share the life skills he learned (the hard way) that led to his success. Fortunately, Edmund met and married the love of his life, Susan, an educator with a master’s degree, and between them they have written over 125 books that teach life skills to at-risk young people (like Eddie as a child). They have created a complete resource center for at-risk boys and girls and young adults. When developing these lessons, they made sure that there were no hard-to-understand words, no run-on sentences, no small type or tiny line spaces that restricted those with difficulty reading. Every word and lesson has been created to be interactive, interesting, and informative. As a dropout himself, Edmund understands that these problems are exactly what caused him to explode with frustration and anger in a classroom setting. In 1986, the Bensons established ARISE Foundation. In the 25+ years since ARISE has been in existence, there has never been a report of a child flaring up due to an inability to understand the material or grasp a concept (even with those who are barely able to read or write).

Many circumstances land at risk youth in juvenile hall. Often they are angry, frustrated, and in tears. Some have been traumatized by violence; some have been abandoned, abused, or mistreated; others suffer with addictions to drugs or alcohol. All of them worry about what’s next in their lives. It doesn’t require a crystal ball to see that with a limited education, they are most likely to be unemployed, involved in crime, in need of state-funded medical care, or on welfare. This is not a pretty picture. The Bensons feel misery has enough company.

As a former at-risk kid, Edmund feels he was born to provide the lessons he and his wife wrote to turn these at-risk children away from a more serious criminal path. This is why they devote their lives to writing life-skills lessons and training staff members and volunteers to teach ARISE groups to at-risk children, particularly during incarceration. ARISE trains not only juvenile care officers, but other caring individuals as educators and mentors for these troubled at-risk youngsters with documented results. After all, little Eddie wanted nothing more than love, understanding, and someone to show him what it takes to get ahead in a society that demands good character, education, and law abiding behavior.

ARISE Foundation Founder in Modern MaturityARISE Life Skills Takes the “Risk” out of At-Risk Youth

At-risk youth are “at risk” for two reasons: Their continued anti-social actions have put them “at risk” of criminal charges and their inability to live peaceably in the community puts everyone else’s lives “at risk” due to their behavior. These youth are also at risk for substance abuse, truancy, and violence.

ARISE cognitive/behavioral skill development is designed to provide at-risk youth with the skills that will assist them in changing their negative behavior. Juvenile offenders and others accustomed to solving disagreements with gangs, fists, knives, and guns who attend ARISE group sessions soon acquire the  social and life skills society demands to make responsible decisions and manage their anger.

ARISE award-winning life-skills curricula, videos, and motivational posters are created for guidance and prevention professionals working with at-risk youth grades K-12 and young adults. Those with absolutely no teaching experience at all will find this interactive life-skills curricula as easy to use as a telephone book.

At-risk youth entering the workforce for the first time or those juvenile offenders who have suffered setbacks and need assistance in finding new jobs will find ARISE life-skills interactive group lessons as helpful as money in the bank.

ARISE interactive life-skills lessons include the following subjects: self-esteem, anger management, conflict management, dropout prevention, social skills, health, nutrition, personal hygiene, preventive health care, employ-ability skills training, filling out job applications, preparing resumes, and proper job interviewing techniques. Additional lessons include parent education, foster care, financial management training, job and social skills.


This update is to let you know we haven’t been sleeping!  ARISE continue to offer training and curriculum has trained thousands of Life Skills instructors across the USA and beyond. These ARISE certified group facilitators have gone on to conduct ARISE groups with troubled, at risk youth in community based, juvenile justice, probations, alternative schools and faith based programs.ARISE groups are also being used as effective interventions for youth in their home communities vs. locking juvenile offenders behind bars, far from positive family interaction.

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The “Miami Monster”

Read the Miami Herald’s article about the Miami Monster

MIamiMonsterBenson was shocked into action due to health-damaging concerns created by Dade County’s solid waste incinerator. After alerting the public and officials of environmental perils caused by fallout from one of the largest municipal waste incinerators in the world, local media lauded him for his “bulldog tenacity”. Benson has received the enthusiastic endorsement of his neighbors, Senators and Members of Congress, as well as the Mayor and Board of Dade County Commissioners.

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A Smashing Victory…and Then Some

In tandem with the improvements to the incinerator, Benson gained the creation of three Metro-Dade County task forces:

  1. To monitor operations and improvements so the incinerator could, “Never again be allowed to run out of control”, and keep tabs on the millions of dollars being spent rebuilding and refurbishing the plant;

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envirocopsWith a goal of enlisting every elementary school student across America (and around the globe), Susan saw Dade County Public Schools, 4th largest school district in the nation, as the logical climate for this innovative program to bloom and flourish. ENVIRO-COPS were 225,000 strong; the largest green police force on the Planet! On Earth Day 1992, a special cable television presentation of the Dade County School Board swore in 173,000 youngsters in their classrooms.

ENVIRO-COPS were mostly elementary school youngsters who pledge to protect their own En-vironment and nature’s environment by arresting waste and policing pollution. ENVIRO-COPS were dedicated to saving our world and their future by conserving our limited resources.

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We’re Not Quitting

recycleENVIRO-COPS promise is to reduce excess consumption by re-using and recycling; purchase ecologically-safe products (not harmful or over-packaged ones), track down booby traps at home where little brothers and sisters could poison, drown, burn or otherwise harm themselves; check batteries in smoke alarms, etc. (with an adult, of course), consume “Friendly Foods” (not junk foods), say “NO” to drugs, guns, alcohol, tobacco and other harmful activities that threaten their future, continue their environmental education and share their knowledge with friends and family.

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In 1992, Edmund and Susan Benson developed the exciting, new ENVIRO-COPS Guidebook and Lesson Plans, a 250-page, illustrated comprehensive teaching tool suitable for use in every school system in the United States. With it, select high school and college volunteers, ENVIRO-MENTORS from Florida International University and the University of Miami guide Dade County’s more than 225,000 ENVIRO-COPS through a detailed environmental education course at weekly ENVIRO-COPS Club meetings.

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“The Facts of Life” on Cable TV

In 1991, Benson initiated a 24-episode, weekly, hour-long, call-in television series promoting the ENVIRO-COPS message and answering youngsters’ (and their parents’) safety, health and environmental questions on Cable-TAP Channel 35, the Dade County Schools’ educational network which reaches 320,000 homes. “The Facts of Life for the 90s and Beyond”, provided opportunity to enhance viewers’ understanding of the critical need to protect their own well-being and the environment.

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