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Evidence-Based Life Skills Lessons and Professional Staff Training
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2 Day Life Skills Instructor Certification Training scheduled for

February 8th and 9th, 2018

Camelback Resort
301 Resort Drive
Tannerville, PA 18372
Trainer: Judy Lyons

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Unconditionally Guaranteed!

Over 30 years of success allows us to make this offer- ARISE life skills lessons, combined with our unique positivity cards, motivational posters and professional staff training are guaranteed to work as described below at a single site or state wide programs.

  • Would you believe youth actually look forward to participating in ARISE groups? (“It’s not school, it’s ARISE”) Studies have shown attendance is highest when ARISE groups are being conducted at community based diversion programs, foster care, alternative and charter schools, probation departments, juvenile justice programs, out of school suspensions, summer camps etc.
  • ARISE evidence based programs eliminates blank stares, confusion and anger of youth who are intimidated by reading, writing and do not relate to normal classwork in this digital age.

ARISE Curricula

From the beginning more than 30 years ago, the Bensons, ARISE founders, have focused on a single population, at-risk girls, boys, teens, and young adults. For more than three decades ARISE has been professionally training dedicated individuals as ARISE group facilitators who educate and care for troubled youth. Let’s be upfront. Our material is not meant for solitary readers. From years of experience we know words on a page freaks out troubled youth so we keep copy to a minimum. We use original thought provoking graphic images combined with easily understood short sentences with comfortable words. And that’s not all.

  • Every ARISE curriculum is designed specifically for youth who act out, face reprimands and school expulsions rather than pick up a book or, heaven forbid, are asked to participate or read out loud. From years of experience we know our target populations are mostly emotionally turned off to school and reading. We rekindle interest in learning in a variety of ways. Our curricula covers are colorful and appealing, learner workbooks are never intimidating or boring. Activities are deliberately designed to substitute classroom anguish, with activities like role-play and group discussion that push youth into their comfort zones. Group participation and the educational benefits are immediately visible.

ARISE Positivity Cards and Motivational Posters a Match Made in Heaven

Every ARISE positivity card and poster contains bite-sized skills for living life in the 21st century. With an absolute minimum of text. We let the graphic images tell the story. Group learning springs to life with roll play and the many integrated, interactive activities that are low key, stress free and offer up a new reality for today’s youth who are tuned in less to people than Xbox, gaming, Facebook, TV and their cell phones. During groups, youth are encouraged to share personal experiences relating to the individual positivity card or poster creating remarkable learning experiences. We recommend teachers or group facilitators ease into, read and discuss the lesson, card or poster prior to assigning any ARISE activity. This way, learning is fun not a frightening experience where youth mentally break for the exit doors.

  • Recent studies show that ”the social and emotional circuitry of a youth’s brain learns from contact and conversation with everyone it encounters. These interactions mold brain circuitry”. Time spent in face-to-face discussion oriented exchanges in ARISE groups has proven to create rapport and a shared focus which leads to an unconscious physical synchrony, which in turn generates good feelings. This shared focus has proven to put the brain in the best mode for learning.

Against All Odds

We can’t afford to wait for it to dawn on troubled young women and men that the world has little use for those unable to control angry impulses, resist temptation, unable to negotiate on their own behalf or communicate effectively. Unless ARISE enters the lives of troubled youth they (and their children) could be condemned to a no joy, maddeningly self-destructive life style and never even knowing who is to blame for their failures.

We promise to continue to do our utmost for these particular children as we have for more than three decades.  All we ask is that you incorporate ARISE into your programs for at-risk youth today.

P.S.  It’s not just at-risk youth that need assistance, it’s their families too.

Checkout ARISE Family Tools the 12-session program totally focused on the at-risk family. Each 90-minute group session is interactive: no boring lectures or eyes that glaze over. No pleading and cajoling for attention or attendance necessary.


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