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Faith-Based Organizations

We at ARISE celebrate the charitable work of faith-based organizations and community initiatives that aim to provide social services, philanthropy, and positive change to disadvantaged communities around the world. ARISE has provided structure, life skills lessons, and life skills training to faith-based organizations such as the Salvation Army, churches, synagogues, temples and others working in impoverished communities. To get an idea of how your church or organization can use ARISE life skills curriculum and life skills training as a resource, please find below a description of just a couple of the projects we are working on with faith-based organizations.

ARISE and the Salvation Army

ARISE has worked with many Salvation Army‘s programs around the country to provide structured life-skills lessons and staff training for corps groups working with at-risk youth. This has proven especially helpful for the corps programs that dedicate themselves to helping the homeless, working in residential youth homes, after school programs, summer camps and much more. We have also trained corps members from California to South Dakota to Florida to become ARISE Certified Life Skills Instructors and ARISE Master Life Skills Trainers. Read the Salvation Army page for positive feedback received from corps members as well as more details about how ARISE helps the Salvation Army fulfill its motto of “doing the most good.”

ARISE and Highly Flavored Ministry, Inc.

Highly Flavored Ministry, Inc. in Gary, Indiana has been utilizing ARISE life skills training and life skills lessons since June 2007. Highly Flavored Ministry, Inc. (HFM) was founded as an auxiliary of Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church in Gary, IN in 2000. HFM is a nonprofit organization committed to encouraging individuals and families of those who are incarcerated to lead successful lives. The organization has a mentoring project that focuses on establishing relationships with at-risk youth through one-on-one mentoring, empowerment film festivals, workshops, and other positive outreach activities.

In June 2007, we trained Tevin and TyAisha Gardner from Highly Flavored Ministry Inc. as Master Life Skills Trainers. Since then, Tevin and TyAisha have gone on to train their staff in Gary, Indiana as well as others in their area to be ARISE Life Skills Instructors in order to increase the effectiveness of their youth mentoring program. They held their first ARISE Life Skills Instructor Training in July 2007 and have been going strong ever since incorporating the ARISE life skills curriculum and training into every aspect of the HFM mentoring program.

Play TyAisha and Tevin Gardner’s video testimonial (Windows Media).

More info on how HFM incorporates the ARISE Life Skills Program:

Please find below several testimonials we have received from church leaders and members of other faith-based organizations who utilize the ARISE life skills curriculum and life skills training. You can find more testimonials on our testimonials page.

  • Lt. Colonel Paul E. Bollwahn, Divisional Commander, Salvation Army
  • Val Carr, Highly Flavored Ministry (PDF)
  • Ty and Tevin Gardner, Highly Flavored Ministry
  • Barbara Clemmons, Salvation Army (PDF)
  • Laura Van Ness, Educational Program Director, Salvation Army (PDF)
  • Rose Britner, Women of Grace Ministries
  • Tammy Wright, Covenant House
  • Bishop Simeon Watson, Pentacostal Church of Our Lord
  • Pastor Rosa McIntyre, Church of God Prophecy
  • Carey E. Pointer, Greater Fellowship Full Gospel Baptist Church (PDF)

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