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DJJ Evaluation

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Out of 40 Florida Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) Facilities, 39 agreed or strongly agreed with the following statements. Below are their comments:

Most of the youth enjoy the ARISE lessons.

  • Youth learn that they are not the only ones with certain problems.
  • Our clients enjoy the lessons and the variation of the activities.
  • Material is written so that the youth can comprehend the subject matter.

The youth are attentive during the ARISE lessons compared to other groups.

  • The youth are especially attentive during the writing exercises.
  • Youth are eager to do role-playing and speak their thoughts.
  • Youth are energetic and their participation increases during ARISE.

The relationship between staff and youth has improved as a result of ARISE groups.

  • The staff often gets involved in discussions.
  • Staff who have been trained and teach, are more equipped to relate to youth.
  • ARISE has helped maintain positive relationships between staff and youth.

The ARISE Life Skills program is valuable for the youth at the facility.

  • We could not do the great job we do without the ARISE materials!
  • Teaches youth to make better choices in dealing with anger and self-esteem.
  • Life and social skills offered by ARISE are very valuable in the youth’s everyday lifestyles.

The ARISE staff training is beneficial.

  • Helps staff better relate to youth and what sets them off.
  • Training is very valuable to our staff. I have personally seen a 100% improvement after training.
  • The ARISE staff training gives a better understanding of the program.

The ARISE lessons and staff training help improve your Quality Assurance Score.

  • QA was really impressed with the ARISE program.
  • ARISE has assisted us in achieving a superior rating in group work.
  • ARISE is an asset to this program.

The ARISE Foundation staff provide adequate support to the facility.

  • ARISE is always very attentive to our needs!
  • Training is scheduled and provided as needed.
  • The trainer is always available and makes frequent phone contacts.
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