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ARISE in Kazakhstan

Young Kazakhstanis Receiving Life Skills training

Students attending Youth Impact Program received Life Skills training from ARISE Materials.

Living in Kazakhstan and seeing orphans abandoned twice – first, when they were placed in the orphanage, and second, when they leave the orphanage and start living on their own being totally unprepared for that life was concerning. Those youth at greatest risk of drug and alcohol abuse, criminal activity, prostitution, etc. are those who have not had s stable family and active support networks. It raised the issue of what can be done to help prepare these youth for independent living. Due to limited resources in Russian or Kazakh languages, I had to look for life skills training in English and this is when I found out about ARISE Foundation.

Arise materials played a crucial role in development of the Youth Impact program. Due to cultural differences, the materials had to be adjusted to fit in the Central Asian culture and translated into Russian and Kazakh. Life Skills training is already in the implementation phase and received great response from youth that attend the training on a weekly basis.

They learn how to:

  • set goals and overcome obstacles
  • understand emotions
  • make and keep good friends
  • communicate with people
  • deal with bullying
  • take care of health
  • manage finances
  • choose the right relationships

The program is lead by committed individuals who want to help youth often forgotten by society.  Those involved want to come alongside to mentor, encourage and support these youth, while giving them practical tools to lead successful lives.  It is our desire to see this program implemented throughout Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

Olya Cherevko, MSW
Youth Impact Manager
Taraz, Kazakhstan


RIGHT: Students trained using ARISE materials in Kazakhstan’s Youth Impact Program

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