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ARISE in Bermuda

ARISE Foundation has made available all of our great life skills curriculum and staff training to the Ministry of Education in Bermuda. Their trained staff have been using our materials to teach their at-risk youth.

Bermudian CHAMPION

A Bermudian CHAMPION Trains Others to Teach ARISE Life Skills WHILE Fighting Cancer!

ARISE Around The World - BermudaThe definition of a champion and a warrior is: a  person who is  superior and has the attributes of a winner.  One who is engaged energetically in a cause.

Let me introduce you to Lucinda Worrell Stowe, an ARISE Life Skills Instructor whose energies  are devoted to the cause of improving lives of at-risk and troubled youth in Bermuda. This woman truly defines what it means to be a CHAMPION.

Lucinda has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and is fighting for her life but she has not backed-off from educating and supporting the vulnerable youth she hold close to her heart. This Champion is being forced to leave her home in Bermuda for cancer treatment at John Hopkins hospital in Baltimore, Maryland for three months, she was concerned that the youth would not have their ARISE classes. With her health failing, legs that would hardly support her, in constant pain, she was insistent on training other people who would continue her mission to provide ARISE life skills lessons to the juvenile offenders in Bermuda.  With her 27 year old  son Shawki who is also a teacher helping her up the steps to the training site each day, making sure she had enough pain medication, Lucinda gathered the strength to spend three full days training staff from the Residential Treatment Services ( RTS) , Ministry of Education as ARISE Life Skills Instructors. This required super human effort from a woman hardly able to stand alone.

ARISE Around the World - ARISE in BermudaThis experience is similar to  a  person in an emergency who is able to lift an automobile off of an injured child pinned under an automobile. Where does this strength come from? Lucinda used that same God given strength to complete the training and certify nine wonderful new ARISE Life Skills Instructors who will continue salvaging the very lives of the at-risk young people in Bermuda this Champion has built lasting relationships with, who will now be equipped with the social and emotional skills they need to lead smarter, healthier more successful lives. For three days this champion was brimming with passion and the glory that comes from working to help educate disadvantaged youth to change habits in ways that make life better for them..

The staff trained was amazed at Ms Worrell-Stowe’s bulldog tenacity that gave her the strength  to conduct this training. Ms. Delarie Outerbridge said: “Let me say a big THANK YOU for sending Mrs Lucinda Worrell-Stowe to give us Arise Life Skills Training. I truly enjoyed the course and Mrs Stowe makes it quite clear and interesting!”

ARISE Foundation was established in 1986 their offices Palm Beach Florida. The web address is The ARISE program is international in scope and its mission is to provide valuable ARISE Life skills and staff training to at-risk youth to achieve their highest potential as law abiding citizens through ARISE group sessions conducted by well trained , caring ARISE Facilitators.

“Teachers who inspire realize there will always be rocks in the road ahead of us. They will be stumbling blocks or stepping stones; it all depends on how we use them.” ~Author Unknown

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