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ARISE in Uganda

Arise Foundation of Uganda is a non profit, registered non-governmental Christian organization based in Uganda East Africa. It is located in its new home (headquarters) in Makindye Kampala Uganda. It was founded on the core christian values.

ARISE Foundation USA (not affiliated with ARISE Uganda) is assisting ARISE Foundation Uganda by providing its life skills curricula at no charge for use with former child warriors and other deprived children in Uganda.


ARISE Uganda Master Training


With your generous donations, the ARISE Foundation will provide ARISE Uganda with ARISE curricula and other materials  to help  teach more child warriors the vital social skills required in a law-abiding society.

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A Community transformed by value-based development.

Arise Foundation in Uganda is dedicated to bringing up the new generation of praise in this corrupted world by demonstrating God’s love and provision in practical ways.


An appropriate, interdenominational service provider to undeserved populations in Uganda which can be extended to and or adopted by regions beyond the borders regardless of race, culture, religion or any other reason.

ARISE Foundation USA has provided its life-skills curricula and staff training DVD at no charge to ARISE Foundation of Uganda for use with at-risk youth and orphans. Brother Jude Nyanzi is the executive director, and we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with our brothers and sisters in Uganda.


Click to view video PBS In Uganda A rehabilitation center in Gulu, Uganda, provides a haven for former child soldiers who were abducted into Joseph Kony’s “Lord’s Resistance Army” during 20 years of civil war. More than 30,000 children are estimated to have been kidnapped and forced to fight. Tom Bearden profiles a group trying to heal the wounds of war.
ARISE Uganda is conducting life skills group sessions with these children
ARISE Attitude TrainingConducted by Faridah of ARISE Foundation
Uganda for children and youth orphaned by Aids at the Light College Orphanage Center.

ARISE Life Skills Training Hours in Kampala, Uganda

Self Esteem
– September, 2011: 1 Hour
– October, 2011: 90 Minutes

Building Healthy Relationships
– September, 2011: 1 Hour
– October, 2011: 90 Minutes

Get Smart Life Skills
– June 7, 2011: 45 Minutes

Basic Health Life Skills
– June 15, 2011: 90 Minutes
– October, 2011: 90 Minutes

Anger Management
– March 6, 2011: 90 Minutes
– Feb 06, 2011: 90 Minutes
– October, 2011: 90 Minutes

Elementary-Safety All Around Kids
– May 8, 2011: 90 Minutes
– April 17, 2011: 120 Minutes

Decision Making
– October, 2011:90 Minutes

Learning From Past Mistakes
– October, 2011: 90 Minutes

Money Matters
– October, 2011: 90 Minutes

– October, 2011: 90 Minutes

Time Management
– November, 2011: 90 Minutes

Setting Short & Long Term Goals
– November, 2011: 90 Minutes

Dressing for Success
– November, 2011: 1 Hour

Secrets of Success (Part 1)
– December, 2011: 1 Hour

Secrets of Success (Part 2)
– December, 2011: 1 Hour

Improving Your Brain Power
– December, 2011: 1 Hour

– February 16, 2012: 1 Hour
– February 18, 2012: 80 Minutes
– March 16, 2012: 1 Hour

Teen Pregnancy
– February 18, 2012: 80 Minutes

School Drop Out
– March 19, 2012: 70 Minutes


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Benson,Thank you very much for our Christmas Gift of ARISE Training Video, Training Manual, and three sets of Instructor Manuals and Learners Workbooks. It was just what we wanted!We will think of you and your thoughtfulness. Thank you again for being such a great person and a wonderful friend to ARISE FOUNDATION UGANDA. It is a life changing gift and the ARISE FOUNDATION family here in Uganda is so grateful and we will live to remember this gift. May God bless you so much.Seasonal Greetings from all of us. MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR
( i have attached an e-Christmas card on this email). May God bless you so much.Best Wishes With Grateful Thanks,
Jude Nyanzi


February 15, 2011

Dear brother Edmund,

Thank you very much for that fatherly care of reaching our nation by supporting our vision and mission with ARISE. Really we can reach these torn hearts of young people with Arise Skills if we can get enough support. For sure these child soldiers provide a fertile ground for ARISE skills. There are rehabilitation centers in Gulu district which we will use to teach ARISE.

Let us organize for the information you requested and the proper requirements to make this happen. Meanwhile you can watch this video on YouTube to show you the urgent importance of ARISE to these child soldiers click here

Thank you very much brother Edmund, God bless you,
Jude Nyanzi

Greetings brother Edmund,Hello from ARISE Uganda, we bless the Lord for you and thanks for being there for us. We appreciate a lot the zeal you have put across for ARISE everywhere. It is a life changing!Since last week i have been having Life Skills Sessions with 25 At Risk Youths of Apostolic Faith Church near our offices. These are youths between 14 – 19 years the church got from the streets of Kampala City. The church gave me some weird hours of teaching; from 7pm to 8pm in the night. You can see the photos of mine attached on this email.I am continuing this Tuesday through Wednesday, i hope to to provide better photos.Meanwhile, a lot is coming as we have established so many At Risk Youths in need of our sessions. Brother Edmund if you come across a free Projector please just direct it to us, a humble request sir.Thank you brother Edmund, be blessed.
ARISE Uganda

Dear brother Edmund,Fantastic, very beautiful and worthy waiting for all this time, the CAMERA ! Thank you very much brother Edmund for this beautiful camera. We are over joyed and very happy, now we can take professional photos of our life skills sessions. The tears we cried thinking that it had got lost have been wiped away in seconds. The entire ARISE family is very happy and we pray for the blessing of God to shower you. It is finally here and we bless the Lord for this gift, may God bless the hands which gave us this CAMERA, thank you sir, i have attached photos for you to see.Yours in Service,
ARISE Uganda


Video Testimonials

[video] Kawoya Alex, Amazon Model School Teacher

[video] Ahimbisibwe Isaac, Amazon Model Secondary School

Thanks to the Arise Lessons, we “have observed that [our] kids are no longer playing with something like fire on charcoal stoves and electricity cables”. – Parent
” I did not know that i had an eating disorder, when i attended a life skills session on basic health i realized that i had an eating disorder and i immediately got the appetite for food, thank you Arise Foundation”. -Lilian Kirabo
” As a community policing officer, i am very much impressed with the Arise Life skills program at Arise Foundation, it will help to bring back our values in the community, keep it up”. -Ouma Sailus
” The Arise Life Skills made me understand that i can be what i want in life”. -Tumwine David
“Thanks to Arise, you guys showed me ways to deal with my anger, every person has an anger button but it depends on how you press it.” Ssabiti Elijah
“My son and daughter have responded so well to safety all around them course from Arise, they no longer play with electricity cables, hot water and charcoal stoves, thanks for this, all parents should embrace it”. Nakibuuka Maria
” This is a very good program for youths, it is simple and effective, all schools should embrace it”. Pastor David Ssebowa, Director Light College
” Thank you very much (Jude) for your encouraging words, now i can take a cup of tea. I realized that frustration & worry are not part of my life”. Joan Abenakyo


Faridah & Jude (Exec. Director) ARISE Uganda Staff & Volunteers
College Students College Students
Primary Students Primary Students
Faridah teaching the children on how to avoid the potential dangers around them. (FIRE, MEDICINES, ELECTRICITY, BURNS) The Children listening inside Arise Offices ( LESSON ON SAFETY ALL AROUND THEM)
Children posing for a group photo
in front of ARISE offices
Faridah (ARISE Secretary & Teacher) Posing for a photo with the children
These 2 people are looking at the new
ARISE Positivity Cards
Jude Nyanzi of ARISE Foundation Uganda pointing to
a poster sent to him from the ARISE Foundation
Apostalic Faith Church near our offices.
These are youths between 14 – 19 years the
church got from the streets of Kampala City.
Instructor, Prossy, teaching a Child Safety lesson to children at the ARISE Uganda Offices.
Attitude & Pregnancy Prevention Session
Life Skills Trainings at a Moslem Center Life Skills Trainings at a Moslem Center

ARISE Uganda Successfully Saving At-Risk Youth!

In the 2 photos above, we show Peter, an at-risk youth and once multiple school dropout receiving a certificate from ARISE Foundation Uganda. Peter had dropped out of three schools and after his parents had learned of the ARISE Program, Peter has been able to turn his life around. Peter is now going back to school and ready to take on his life once again.

Every day, hundreds of students quit school in Uganda and having the highest school drop out level in East Africa, ARISE Uganda, has started to effectively change an entire generation of young people who had once given up.


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