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Young and Hopeless

Young, Hopeless, and Violent – Not if we have anything to do about it!

ARISE, established in 1986, is dedicated to helping at-risk youth. We accomplish this mission in two ways. First, we develop easy-to-comprehend curricula for teaching life skills to troubled youth. We have created interactive and easy-to-follow lesson plans to help others teach these necessary skills. Next, ARISE provides professional life skills training on how to use these evidence-based materials in the most effective way. We train those working directly with at-risk youth in 2-day workshops. Yes, that’s all it takes. Thanks to the unique ARISE Formula, even those who have never taught a day in their lives easily learn how to facilitate an interactive and memorable classroom learning experience so youth can reach their full potential.

The youth ARISE is devoted to dream of owning real guns and being gang bangers. It’s their plan for becoming somebody. They hang out on street corners, greet each other with secret hand signals, talk tough, and show off their tattoos and bullet wounds. These troubled youth feel they have no real future. They see themselves winding up as a chalk mark on a sidewalk—another statistic—their short lives bruised by trauma. Violent and aggressive, they invariably end up in the juvenile justice system, society’s last chance at salvaging this population. The good news is this is where ARISE shines.

ARISE is a non-profit organization with a genuine passion for sharing its success with other like-minded groups. After two 25 years, we know the needs of at-risk youth. ARISE programs are proven effective even with the toughest offenders living in high security juvenile detention centers. Why trust ARISE? Simply because we guarantee that ARISE will succeed with your troubled, at-risk, hard-to-reach youth. This offer is based on ARISE’s 20-plus years of actually running statewide programs in Florida and training sessions across the USA. ARISE has point blank experience on the firing line using its research-based, cognitive/behavioral skill development curricula. ARISE is worthy of your trust. Over two decades of staff training coupled with ARISE’s unique curricula are your assurance of success. Don’t forget the ARISE 60-day money back guarantee.

ARISE has developed over 260 life-management skills topics, more than 100 books, Positivity Cards, DVDs, videos and motivational posters specifically to connect disconnected youth with this engaging, interactive material and activities. For additional peace of mind and assurance, please closely examine over 500 testimonials.

Susan and Edmund Benson, ARISE founders, and all ARISE staff are delighted to personally answer questions and discuss your needs. Please feel free to contact us—we sincerely enjoy sharing knowledge with those working in this tough urban battleground. This is the area to which the Benson’s have committed the balance of their lives by investing in human futures.

Call us Toll Free 1-888-680-6100 8-5 PM EST… Email 24/7 at

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