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Evidence-Based Life Skills Lessons and Professional Staff Training
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ARISE Programs Reduce Teens In Lockups

ARISE A Cost-Effective, Justice-Minded Program
in the Best Interest of Public Safety

ARISE can train your staff to conduct ARISE life-skills group sessions in neighborhoods close to the homes of low-risk offenders in non-residential, diversionary and alternative settings. Those youth issued Civil Citations will find ARISE Life Skills groups a welcome alternative to life behind steel doors and razor wire fences.

For the past 25+ years, the evidence-based ARISE program has demonstrated its effectiveness in educating high-risk, incarcerated juvenile offenders and reducing recidivism.

Whether you have one or hundreds of employees, ARISE can train your staff as ARISE Master Trainers (Train the Trainers) in five intense, consecutive days. These new ARISE Master Trainers can then train others in your organization as ARISE Group Facilitators. In less than 30 working days, these well trained ARISE Group Facilitators can be conducting ARISE life-skills group sessions with low risk juvenile offenders.

The Cost? Less than $1.68 per youth, per session. This includes ALL curricula and staff training. ARISE will also provide complete and accurate weekly and monthly program activity reports. 25 Years of Experience Guarantees Success.

In less than 30 days, the ARISE Evidence-Based Life-Skills Lessons and Staff Training Program can be successfully delivered to cities, counties and statewide organizations or school systems anywhere in the USA or Canada.

ARISE group sessions in non-residential treatment centers are an excellent alternative to incarceration and reduce future outlays of taxpayer dollars through reductions in recidivism and fewer costly residential stays by non-violent juvenile offenders.

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