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Alternatives to Incarceration for At-Risk Youth

download (1)ARISE Life Management Skills and Staff Training Programs assist Community Based Organizations in achieving their goals as preferential alternatives to detention or re-entry for at-risk youth. ARISE’s dynamic, interactive group sessions are guaranteed to capture and hold troubled teens limited attention spans.

Today, community based organizations play a pivotal role in providing diversion services for at risk juveniles including those released from the juvenile justice system. The key is preventing these troubled youth from entering the system in the first place. For the past 16 plus years, ARISE has provided its evidence based programs as an alternative to detention as well as reentry programs prior to release for incarcerated youth.

Many states are now analyzing strategies that will send youth to Community Based Organizations in order to curtail expenses and increase successful outcomes by providing youth with a wide range of life skills lessons such as anger management training, job readiness skills, job opportunities plus this essential component, family related programming, as alternatives to incarceration close to the youth’s home. ARISE offers extremely cost effective, proven programs covering all of the above that can easily be instituted by Community Based Organizations to help youth as an alternative to incarceration.

Experience Counts

Since 1986, ARISE curricula and staff training have been used with demonstrated effectiveness in alternative schools, out of school suspension, juvenile court ordered sanction, juvenile probations, secure juvenile residential facilities, transition, aftercare, and early intervention programs .In less than 14 working days, ARISE can have its complete program including all curricula and trained community based staff up and running in locations throughout the USA and beyond. Guaranteed!

ARISE Life Skills Curricula and Professional Staff Training

ARISE life skills curricula provides community based organizations with easily understood, engaging educational material written and developed for troubled youth. This material actively engages and effectively delivers the required knowledge and skills these youth must have to make successful life choices.

ARISE offers its evidence based staff and volunteer training to those working with troubled youth in community based programs. ARISE also offers proven (over 5000) instructor led onsite and online trainings. ARISE has printed Life Management Skills curricula and (downloadable eBooks at 50% savings).

ARISE Family Tools

The family plays a crucial role in preventing juvenile crime and averting re-entry back into the juvenile corrections system. Community based organizations will recognize and applaud this valuable and practical asset that will generate unusual attendance and enthusiasm in adults and at-risk youth. ARISE Family Tools program consists of 12 never to be forgoten-90 minute engaging, non-intimidating group gatherings that introduce positive emotions, bully free zones and other important topics that put an end to anger, violence and resentment at home and in school.

ARISE Family Tools is a robust program made up of entertaining video clips, real life stories, music and activities that keep it real. Each group session ends with a sense of accomplishment. Parents (and caregivers) leave with a new found ability to understand why everyone feels better in a loving, respectful, caring environment.

The ARISE Family Tools program introduces parents to the tools and topics they need to demonstrate love and discipline (in a good way) to their children. This program will also help parents prevent delinquent youth from becoming career criminals.

When There’s Trouble, Who Do You Call? The Police, That’s Who!

If your community based program works in conjunction with local police, ARISE has a program it developed specifically to be conducted by police officers .The topics covered are anger management, personal safety, building self-esteem, gangs, police confrontation and more. This unique learning experience can decrease future run-ins with the law and prevent re-entry into the juvenile justice system.

On the Job Training for At-Risk Youth

Many youth are at risk of dropping out of school and see themselves as having no future. ARISE can help set up ”On the Job Training“ which can put troubled youth on solid career paths such as Desk Top Publishing, Book Binding, Search Engine Optimization, High Speed Color Copying, etc. Realistic outcomes for at-risk youth become a reality ( link). ARISE provides the know how to develop in-house training programs at community based organization.

ARISE Grab a Future – A Teen Career Mentoring Program for Community Based Organizations.

Grab a Future is a unique mentor-based teen career development program that gives at risk youth an opportunity to experience a firsthand look at what the future could hold for them This includes wonderful job opportunities available in their community. The aim is to take small groups of at-risk youth on tours of local, county, state government departments and municipal agencies that provide job opportunities. They will witness the day-to-day activities at “real life” jobs and will have the opportunity to interact (job shadow) with adults who go to work every day, pay their bills and support their families. Let’s show youth where the good jobs are!

These experiences will demonstrate the need to stay in school, provide practical new goals that do not include gang membership or residence in juvenile and adult criminal justice systems. This is gang and violence prevention at its best! Children lucky enough to be part of the ARISE Grab a Future program will learn what these jobs pay, the educational requirements, health benefits, retirement, paid vacations, and other benefits. Youth will visit building and zoning, the housing authority, solid waste departments, local hospitals, the police academy and/or the water and sewer departments etc. In addition, area businesses and other organizations can provide even more career choices in education, technology, trades, sales, etc. It is hopeful youth that will be connected to those who will become mentors and possibly future employers. This is truly the best alternative to incarceration for at-risk youth.

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