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Evidence-Based Life Skills Lessons and Professional Staff Training
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Two Day Life Skills Instructor Certification Training in New York

A 2 DAY Life Skills Certification Training has been scheduled on March 13 and 14, 2018 In Yonkers New York. A few seats are still available.

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ARISE Target Populations

Alternatives to Incarceration for At-Risk Youth

ARISE Life Management Skills and Staff Training Programs assist Community Based Organizations in achieving their goals as preferential alternatives to detention or re-entry for at-risk youth. ARISE’s dynamic, interactive group sessions are guaranteed to capture and hold troubled teens limited attention spans. Read more…


ARISE as a Gang Prevention Program

Gang Prevention Program

The ARISE Gang Prevention Program was featured on West Palm Beach’s FOX-29 News in their “Making a Difference in the Community” segment.

There are a variety of reasons that teens join gangs. Some are looking for prestige and excitement. Others are looking for income, protection, or a sense of belonging.[1] There are also factors that help protect youth from joining gangs. Youth that use their free time in positive ways are more resistant to joining gangs. After-school programs, sports, and the like give youth a sense of purpose, relieve boredom, and give them connections with others.[2] Read More…

Traumatized High Risk Teens

Locked behind steel doors and razor wire fences, traumatized high risk teens come alive with ARISE curricula and dynamic information rich, non threatening ARISE group sessions.

ARISE trained group facilitators act as mentors, sharing information from a complete library of ARISE curricula specifically written for at- risk youth with reading and comprehension difficulties. The ARISE approach surprises often violent teens accustomed to grim, unsmiling faces issuing single-syllable commands to juvenile offenders held under lock and key. ARISE group activities are enjoyable for these troubled youth because there are no big words to trip and fall over. There are no run on sentences or intimidating pages overflowing with confusing, unintelligible concepts.

ARISE designed interactive lessons that contain topics such as anger and conflict management, why education is important, how to find a job and keep it and more, all discussed and analyzed during non threatening ARISE group sessions. Opinions matter in ARISE groups. There are no put downs as these children absorb life’s secrets parents once shared sitting around the kitchen table at dinnertime.

ARISE trained juvenile justice staff and others truly become life coaches, something severely lacking in the lives of this population. These good people share realistic information that’s right for today and ready for tomorrow, basics like anger management, importance of education, how to find a job and keep it, why one’s friends often foretell one’s own future, and it’s the same good advice privileged kids get as a rite of passage.

This sharing of vital life skills information with troubled youth is essential for their success in today’s super competitive society, and it’s done in a caring, compassionate, professional manner by inspired ARISE group facilitators.

Teens in Lock-ups

ARISE can train your staff to conduct ARISE life-skills group sessions in neighborhoods close to the homes of low-risk offenders in non-residential, diversionary and alternative settings. Those youth issued Civil Citations will find ARISE Life Skills groups a welcome alternative to life behind steel doors and razor wire fences. Read more

Programs Using ARISE Curricula and Staff Training

The unique ARISE life management skills curricula are used by organizations that run programs such as these listed below. Many organizations choose to have ARISE professional trainers certify their staff as ARISE Group Facilitators, or ARISE Master Trainers, thereby ensuring complete fidelity of this nationally and internationally recognized program. Read more

Young, Hopeless, and Violent – Not if we have anything to do about it!

ARISE, established in 1986, is dedicated to helping at-risk youth. We accomplish this mission in two ways. First, we develop easy-to-comprehend curricula for teaching life skills to troubled youth. We have created interactive and easy-to-follow lesson plans to help others teach these necessary skills. Next, ARISE provides professional life skills training on how to use these evidence-based materials in the most effective way. We train those working directly with at-risk youth in 2-day workshops. Yes, that’s all it takes. Thanks to the unique ARISE Formula, even those who have never taught a day in their lives easily learn how to facilitate an interactive and memorable classroom learning experience so youth can reach their full potential.Read more

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