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A 2 DAY Life Skills Certification Training has been scheduled on March 13 and 14, 2018 In Yonkers New York. A few seats are still available.

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ARISE Foundation Launches ARISE Positivity E-Cards


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A Fun Way to Express Yourself

North Palm Beach, FL – ARISE Foundation is proud to introduce a few of our most popular ARISE Positivity Cards in the form of an E-Card free of charge!  Email them to friends, family and those at work. These messages are pocket sized, positive life lessons reduced to just a few words and images using memorable, often amusing concepts and beautiful color graphics. ARISE Positivity E-Cards are big thoughts in fun, simple, beautiful graphics and uplifting.

The ARISE Positivity E-Cards are a unique way of saying; You’ve Been Noticed Doing Something Very Good, Don’t Get Steamed…COOL it, Leave your Bad Day at work, You seal your fate by the CHOICES you make, Words Can HURT; Say Something Nice, and YOU Are So Appreciated.

These unique E-Cards are great for self-improvement and as a communication tool with friends, family and business associates.

The ARISE Positivity Cards are available in individual sets of cards. The Deck of 55 cards include instructions for use and a maximize group participation card. You can also download, free of charge, the ARISE Positivity Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. For more information or to purchase beautiful hard copies of these pocket sized positive communication tools, visit

Since ARISE was established in 1986, it has trained and certified  over 5,531 ARISE Life-Skills Group Facilitators who have taught over 4,824,576 documented hours (averaging 13,646 hours per month) of the interactive ARISE Life Skills lessons to at-risk youth and teens across the United States and beyond. The ARISE program is in use in Canada, Jamaica, England, Australia, Bahamas, Bermuda, New Zealand, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Bosnia, Kazakhstan, The Kingdom of Bahrain, South Africa, Vietnam, Uganda, Nigeria and Haiti.


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