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ARISE Foundation Integrates Family Component to Their Evidence Based Life-Skills Program

North Palm Beach, FL – November 22st, 2011 – ARISE Family Tools, the newest program developed by ARISE Foundation, adds a much needed family component to their evidence based life-skills programs. ARISE Family tools is comprised of 12-90 minute training sessions, designed for community outreach programs that target parents and families of at-risk youth. The program teaches parents and/or caregivers how to build a foundation for change within their own homes.

Research has shown that poverty and environmental influences often work in direct opposition to the goals and ambitions of at-risk youth in rehabilitation programs. Often, because of the repetitive cycle of poverty, the parents themselves, come from homes where mere survival trumped everything else, leaving them ill equipped to break the chain of struggle and failure.

The ARISE Family Tools Program isn’t demeaning; no one sits in judgment of the parents, or runs guilt trips on them.   No one wags a finger at them saying they “should” do this or “shouldn’t” do that. Instead, facilitators learn how to effectively teach parents many of the same basic life skills the youth are learning.  For example:

  • Time Out – Kids aren’t the only ones who benefit from a “time out.”  Everyone wins when someone removes themselves from an angry, explosive situation, long enough to calm down and let reason return to a discussion.
  • Self-Talk – Repeating a positive affirmation to oneself as an anger management tool – something such as, “I am a loving parent, trying my best to do right by my child.” It may sound over simplified, but it works.
  • Blessings Journals – Writing down at least three blessings each and everyday.   There’s always something to be grateful for; sometimes we just need to remind ourselves of that to take the focus off the negative.
  • Making “I” Statements – “I” feel…”I” expect…”I” hope.   These kinds of statements are much more readily heard than “You never…” “You shouldn’t…” ”You always.”
  • Smiling and Positive Body Language – It’s hard for anyone, much less for a rebellious teenager, to feel anything but anger, resentment or shame when someone in authority towers over them, hollering about their faults in an angry voice with a furious expression.   The chances of being heard are much greater when both parties are seated and approach the situation in a calm, constructive way – using positive body language.
  • Reflective Listening – It’s always helpful to know that someone has really understood what you’ve said, and when parents can “parrot” their children’s thoughts back at them. They know they’ve at least been heard and their feelings and thoughts will be taken into consideration.  For instance, “I heard you say that you get frustrated and angry when…”

These are but a few of the tools taught to families in the ARISE Family Tools sessions.   Participants take these lessons back home with them and everyone benefits – the parents, the kids, and the community.

ARISE works very hard to get the necessary programming and training to the at-risk youth and families who need it most.  A donation of just $17.50 would make possible one full ARISE class…$70.00 provides a full week of life-skills training…$280 funds an entire month of training…and so on.  But every penny donated can help these at-risk kids turn their troubled lives around. ARISE is a 501c3 charitable organization so any contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. For more information about donating to ARISE, please call toll-free 1-888-680-6100.

Since ARISE was established in 1986, it has trained and certified  over 5,559 ARISE Life-Skills Group Facilitators who have taught over 5,830,857 documented hours (averaging 13,646 hours per month) of interactive ARISE Life-Skills lessons for at-risk youth and teens across the United States and beyond. ARISE is also being used in Canada, Jamaica, England, Australia, Bahamas, Bermuda, New Zealand, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Bosnia, Kazakhstan, Kingdom of Bahrain, South Africa, Vietnam, Uganda, Nigeria and Haiti.

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