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ARISE & The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ)

ARISE, a leader in educating at-risk youth behind bars or better yet in their own neighborhoods

Since 1996 on an uninterrupted basis ARISE has provided its Life Management Skills curricula and staff training (ARISE Group Facilitators) across the state of Florida at almost every Florida Department of Juvenile Justice facility in the state.

ARISE Training Residential, Detention & Probation Officers Among Others

As of 3/29/2012 (updated monthly), ARISE has trained and certified over 5,641 Group Facilitators.

ARISE has also trained 280 ARISE Master Trainers who are certified to train staff at their respective facilities.

These ARISE Life Skills Group Facilitators have gone on to teach more than 4,869,157 documented hours of ARISE of Life Skills Lessons to incarcerated youth.

ARISE - leader in educating at-risk youth behind bars
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ARISE Department of Juvenile Justice Staff Training& BenefitsARISE Department of Juvenile Justice Staff Training& Benefits

According to the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (July 1996 Fact Sheet 37), “inadequately trained staff cannot provide effective help.” ARISE provides staff training to juvenile justice facilities interested in educating incarcerated youth in life and social skills.

It takes just two days (14 hours) for us to train juvenile officers or any designated staff personnel as ARISE Life Skills Instructors. As a result of the comprehensive training, correctional staff who have never had to “stand and deliver” in front of a group often become more interested and motivated to take an active role in guiding these troubled youth away from a life of crime. The staff then conducts interactive ARISE groups with the youth in their charge. When the youth learn positive life and social skills, this information enables them to make better life choices, reduces the rate of recidivism, and decreases the rate of juvenile crime.

Another beneficial training ARISE has custom designed for juvenile justice staff is the 2-Day ARISE – “Drop It at the DoorTraining. This training is a unique program centered on equipping juvenile justice staff with tools they need to control anger, stress, and tension at work and home. ARISE – “Drop It at the Door” is specifically designed to help line staff overcome the unique challenges that inhibit optimum performance, cause health problems, excessive absences, compensation claims, burnout, high turnover rates, and conflict between staff and the youth in their care. The feedback we have received from facility administrators about this course has been overwhelmingly positive. Check out the testimonials to read all about it.

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ARISE Benefits of The Department of Juvenile Justice

The benefits of ARISE staff training, curriculum, and group sessions are numerous. By conducting ARISE life-skills groups, the staff and the youth become more understanding of each other and their communication and interpersonal skills improve. This results in less staff on youth conflict, more job satisfaction, less turnover, fewer worker’s compensation claims, and better relationships between the staff and youth. It is a win-win situation and the youth are learning important life skills in a non-confrontational session that improves their feelings of self worth and respect for society.

ARISE Tenderizing Tough Youth with Life Skills

ARISE Tenderizing Tough Youth with Life Skills

According to a 12/98 report to the Florida Legislature, prepared by the Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability, “The majority of juvenile justice youth do not return to school when released.” Through the winning combination of Department of Juvenile Justice staff training and ARISE life-skills lessons, ARISE provides the last best chance of reaching these youth while still under state supervision. We have over 40 life-readiness courses that provide skills in teen anger management, conflict resolution, domestic abuse, dangers of sexually transmitted diseases, teen pregnancy, the tools needed to find a job and keep it, building a support system, required steps in making good decisions, plus lessons on drug, alcohol and tobacco avoidance. All of the 260 ARISE-written and tested life-skills topics lead to youth developing respect for self and society.

So many incarcerated youths have let their anger get the better of them more than once so the first lesson the program teaches is anger management – how to harness the feelings and the inclination to prevent and control violence. The youth learn techniques for conflict resolution and making positive personal choices, how to speak assertively without being aggressive, and how to solve problems nonviolently. The staff members presenting this information often learn at the same time.

Traumatized high risk teens locked behind steel doors and razor wire fences come alive with ARISE curricula and dynamic information rich, non threatening ARISE group sessions.

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ARISE Girls Initiative: Gender-Specific Awareness Training

ARISE Girls Initiative: Gender-Specific Awareness Training

In Florida, nearly 30% of juveniles arrested are female (1 out of every 4 is female). Within the past decade, there has been a 67% increase in the numbers of girls behind bars according to the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice. This is indicative of a national trend. With so many young women suddenly flooding juvenile justice facilities, ARISE established the Girls Initiative: Gender Specific Awareness Training.

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ARISE Juvenile Justice Photo Gallery

The ARISE Juvenile Justice Photo Gallery is full of pictures highlighting the diverse Department of Juvenile Justice staff who teach ARISE life skills to the youth in their care, the trainings we have done in the Department of Juvenile Justice facilities across the country, and the Department of Juvenile Justice facilities that use the ARISE Life Skills Program.

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