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Evidence-Based Life Skills Lessons and Professional Staff Training
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2 Day Life Skills Instructor Certification Training scheduled for

February 8th and 9th, 2018

Camelback Resort
301 Resort Drive
Tannerville, PA 18372
Trainer: Judy Lyons

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ARISE in Florida

ARISE operates extensively throughout Florida and Washington, DC in the Departments of Juvenile Justice, community programs, schools, churches, and many other facilities where the needs of at-risk youth are addressed.

ARISE group lessons are interactive and promote an unusually high degree of open and supportive participation, resulting in a positive acceptance, especially in those youth with learning disabilities. ARISE lessons are ideal for youth with varying achievement levels and learning needs, so they are perfect for frustrated, bored or hard-to-handle youth. The activities propel learners to use their imagination and natural creativity; they build on passions and interests, not on neat handwriting and spelling ability. The ARISE group lessons foster discussion, debate and personal expression, so that every participant can contribute, learn and experience success.

Facts and data about the ARISE program’s benefits in these two states can be viewed here in the ARISE Florida and DC Report.

ARISE in Florida

ARISE group lessons connect with troubled youth held under lock and key in detention and secure facilities. ARISE life skills curricula, coupled with its unique and dynamic training program for juvenile justice staff guarantees success.

Since 1996 in the state of Florida, ARISE has trained and certified over 5,000 Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) staff as ARISE Life-Skills Instructors who then teach important life-skills information to the youth in their charge. ARISE also provides all the curriculum materials to these instructors and DJJ staff to teach life skills.

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