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Two Day Life Skills Instructor Certification Training in New York

A 2 DAY Life Skills Certification Training has been scheduled on March 13 and 14, 2018 In Yonkers New York. A few seats are still available.

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ARISE celebrates 25 years of reaching out to at-risk youth


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North Palm Beach, FL – For quarter century, ARISE has motivated troubled youth to open up about their lives and express themselves while learning the crucial life skills in the dynamic ARISE curriculum.

Edmund and Susan Benson have dedicated their golden years to improving the lives of at-risk and incarcerated youth. They established ARISE, a not-for-profit foundation in 1986, and began teaching life-skills to troubled youth in the Dade County public school system. Susan, a school teacher, and Edmund, a business executive, built a successful enterprise, retired, and wanted to help high-risk youth succeed in life.

Edmund Benson chose the most difficult populations to help: youth behind bars, gang members and those on the verge of entering the adult prison system. Twenty-five years later,   ARISE is more relevant than ever, with ARISE life-skills groups being taught in over 100 Florida Department of Juvenile Justice facilities as well as in Washington DC and other locations throughout the country and around the world.

ARISE Foundation is a developer and publisher of unique life-management skills curricula and staff training programs for staff responsible for supervising at-risk, incarcerated youth in detention centers, secure and transitional facilities, alternative schools and after school programs. ARISE programs consist of positive, interactive group discussions and activities designed to break the ice quickly and capture the attention of even the most introverted participants. ARISE gives structure programs working with at-risk youth, moving away from lectures and into dynamic group conversations conducted by ARISE-trained Group Facilitators. The ARISE curriculum is easily understood by youth with learning disabilities and lower reading levels.

In addition to the interactive life-skills lessons, ARISE offers several important, one-of-a-kind training programs for those that work with at-risk youth in high-stress environments. For those wishing to conduct ARISE life-skills lessons with the youth at their facility, ARISE offers a two-day Life-Skills Group Facilitator training. In this workshop, participants learn how to interact with the youth, guide group activities, ask meaningful questions, and listen with an open mind, ensuring memorable learning experiences for all learners.

For those wishing to take their training to the next level, ARISE offers a Master Life Skills Instructor workshop, in which participants learn how to conduct the two-day ARISE Life-Skills Group Facilitator training at their own facilities, essentially creating a self-contained life-skills program in their workplace.

ARISE also offers its unique and powerful five-day ARISE Drop It at the Door workshop. This intense training experience shows participants how to stop the boomerang effect of bringing stress from home to work and vice versa. This remarkable workshop touches on everything from managing anger and stress to dealing with difficult people and curbing workplace gossip. Learning to manage and deflect negative emotions can help participants improve the quality of relationships and create more productive and peaceful environments at work and at home.

Since ARISE was established, it has trained and certified  over 5,457 ARISE Life-Skills Group Facilitators who have taught over 5,400,000 documented hours (averaging 13,646 hours per month) of interactive ARISE Life Skills lessons for at-risk youth and teens across the United States and beyond. ARISE is also being used in Canada, Jamaica, England, Australia, Bahamas, Bermuda, New Zealand, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Bosnia, Kazakhstan, Kingdom of Bahrain, South Africa, Vietnam, Uganda, Nigeria and Haiti. The ARISE curricula is presently being translated into Kazakh and Russian for use with orphans.

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