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At-Risk Youth Turned Around For Pennies Per Child

You might be surprised to learn that less than $1.00 can buy a new direction and new hope for at-risk kids.angry-teen-boy-350

An ARISE Group session consisting of up to 15 youth costs pennies, per child, per session – and once your staff is trained  they can go on to share these life-altering evidence based techniques proven to turn troubled teens away from crime and toward being good, productive citizens.

Currently, we offer four highly interactive and informative staff trainings, including:

Life-Skills Instructor Certification – an interactive two-day course designed specifically for those who have no formal training, but who need and are eager to teach life skills to at-risk youth, particularly those with learning disabilities.

Master Life Skills Training – a five-day intensive course that trains and enables ARISE trainers to professionally certify their staff and colleagues as ARISE Life Skills Instructors.

Drop It at the Door – a 2-5 day memorable, interactive course of group activities and vital take-away devices that firmly empower graduates with the necessary skills to reduce stress and angry attitudes by using new and highly effective interpersonal and communication tools. (Also available on line)

On line Life Skills Instructor Training –  This 20 hour training experience equips graduates to connect with youth and establish ARISE group sessions for under-served populations.

The cost is low for one important reason: ARISE wants to help as many troubled teens as we  possibly can to turn their lives around to become fulfilled, constructive members of society.

After 30 years of documented, evidence based research we know the ARISE program works, and we offer hard evidence to back up that claim. Please take a moment to read these testimonials from real people – Independent research, law enforcement officials, school counselors, social workers and other such hands-on professionals – sharing real information about exactly how ARISE programs have impacted their organizations.

At-risk youth are “at risk” for two main reasons: Their anti-social actions target them for criminal charges and, without intervention, their inability to live peaceably in the community is given precious little opportunity to change.

ARISE interactive life-skills lessons offer that life-saving opportunity in the following areas: self-esteem, anger management, conflict management, dropout prevention, social skills, health, nutrition, personal hygiene, preventive health care, employ-ability skills training, filling out job applications, preparing resumes, and proper job interviewing techniques and much more.

Please visit the ARISE web site, to see how 30 years of effective staff training and memorable life skills curricula when combined with evidence based practices equips youth with the social and emotional skills they need to lead smarter, healthier, crime free lives.

You can call Executive Director Yasmin Isaacs at ARISE, toll free, at 1-888-680-6100 weekdays between 9 am and 5 pm EDT, or email


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