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Online Life Skills Instructor Training – List of Materials

The materials you will receive with this training are below.

Materials to download before starting the training:


1 ARISE Two-Day Life Skills Training Resource Manual-70 pages.


Materials that will be mailed to you upon completion of the training:

LS Instructor certificate
Tips for teaching


One Beautiful Full Color ARISE Life Skills Group Facilitator Certificate – Suitable for Framing Valuable tips for Facilitating ARISE Life-Skills Groups card
You are so appreciated positivity card LS Instructor certificate respect me balloons positivity card looking for the good positivity card
Set of 10 “You are so appreciated” cards.  Set of 10 “Doing something very good cards.” Set of 10 “Balloon” cards Set of 10 “Looking for the good” cards.
 temper positivity card words can hurt positivity card
Set of 10 “Temper” cards. Set of 10 “Words Can Hurt” cards.

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