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Life Skills Instructor Training Manual & Video (DVD)

ARISE Life Skills Instructor Training Manual & Video (DVD)

Price: $149.95


In no way is this training a substitute for the official ARISE Life Skills Instructor Training by an ARISE trainer. However, this user-friendly ARISE Training Manual is essential knowledge for someone who wants to run ARISE Groups in their program and cannot make it to an ARISE Life Skills Instructor Training site. The accompanying 40-minute video (DVD) provides a condensed version of the intensive Life Skills Instructor Training. Use both to help formulate your life skills lessons presentations in a more interactive and exciting way.

*IMPORTANT: The purchase of the training manual and DVD does not certify you as an ARISE Life Skills Instructor, but serves as your first entrance into the ARISE teaching formula until you can make it to the ARISE Life Skills Instructor Training.

A first step towards learning the formula ARISE uses with documented success to reach out to at-risk youth.

Over 5,000 ARISE-Certified Life Skills Instructors are empowering youth with the necessary skills to function productively in today.