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ARISE Life Skills Group Facilitator Training
This ARISE Life-Skills Training certifies participants as ARISE Life Skills Group Facilitators. It is designed specifically for those who have no formal experience, but who are eager to teach life skills to at-risk youth, particularly those with anger issues & learning disabilities. The training experience is highly interactive, with many opportunities to practice new found coaching skills that hold the interest of troubled youth turned off by the usual classroom activities.

Participants discover the ease with which the ARISE Formula promotes high levels of positive interaction with youth in group settings. This training underscores how an ARISE-trained Life-Skills Group Facilitator can become a role model and mentor for youth who may never have experienced such a positive relationship. In addition to learning how to conduct these breakthrough lessons, participants will learn group facilitation skills and non-confrontational methods for handling troubled, disinterested, and disruptive youth.

This training is a must for utilizing the ARISE Life-Skills curriculum to its fullest potential with learners who’d rather face a dentist’s drill than a learning environment. The ARISE Life Skills Group Facilitator Training provides a springboard for turning around youth in crisis by promoting the development of a positive self-image that is so important for steering detained juvenile offenders and others in the right direction.

Participants develop confidence using concrete strategies gained from more than 25 years of staff training and certification of over 5,000 ARISE Life Skills Facilitators who have gone on to teach more than 4,800,000 hours of ARISE groups, helping hundreds of thousands of youth gain insight into vital lessons society demands of its successful citizens.  Additional benefits include a reduction in staff frustration levels, turnover, and friction with youth in their charge.

Life Skills Trainer Testimonials

Jennifer Ray The Elizabeth Ministry– Washington DC

“I found the structure of the training including the lesson planning  and guided group discussions very helpful. Using “yes” and “no” questions followed up with more thought provoking questions leading  to a guided group discussion helped me a lot.  I got more out of this training than I expected. It was the best training I have participated in because of the engagement of the instructor and the group dynamics- very interactive and fun.”

Cody Wehlan Mid Shore Community Mediation Center – New York

“I found most helpful the techniques to maintain or regain the attention and participation of the students. The trainer made me understand the concepts of the lessons. The techniques for promoting and guiding group discussions helped me gain confidence in teaching and developing lessons. The training was very engaging . The trainers personality and experience helped give the lessons energy and excitement to learn.”

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Training Agenda

View the Life Skills Training Agenda to find out what’s included in the schedule for the two days’ training.

The mediocre facilitator tells. The good trainer explains. The superior instructor demonstrates. Great ARISE Life Skills Group Facilitators inspire.

» What it takes to become an AMAZING ARISE Life-Skills Group Facilitator


In 30 days or less you can have an full blown ARISE program operational in your city anywhere on the planet. Your Staff thoroughly trained, ARISE life skills curricula on hand. Learn more by calling Toll Free 1-888-680-6100 ask for Yasmin, or email

ARISE Certified Life Skills Instructor

After attending the two day ARISE Life Skills Group Facilitator Training, you are certified to teach ARISE Life Skills Lessons to the youth at your organization. Each year you can apply for recertification on our website. Certificate for ARISE Life Skills Instructor

ARISE Life Management Skills Instruction Advanced Certification

After several years of painstaking development, ARISE proudly introduces the ARISE Life Skills Group Facilitator Advanced Certification Program.

In the past we have offered the ARISE Life Skills Group Facilitator Basic Training program. This exciting new program introduces three distinctive levels of achievement: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Life Skills Gold Level Certification


At least three years of teaching ARISE Life Skills Group Facilitator Programs; passing the written and practical examinations.


Life Skills Silver Level Certification


At least two years of teaching ARISE Life Skills Group Facilitator Programs; passing the written and practical examinations.


Life Skills Bronze Level Certification


At least one year of teaching ARISE Life Skills Group Facilitator Programs; passing the written and practical examinations.
Any certified ARISE Life Skills Group Facilitator who has taught ARISE programs for at least one year is eligible to participate.
If you are interested in enhancing your ARISE Instructor Certification, please call 1-888-680-6100 for more information on the certification process and the benefits that Advanced Certification offers.

ARISE Life Skills Group Facilitator Training Fee

At your own site:

2 Full Days$5,000 for 10 – 20 participants

Trainer travel expenses are included in total price for both USA and Canada

Purchase training at your own site:

For example: 20 participants at $250 per person for 2 days

Call us toll free with any questions to set up your on-site training: 1-888-680-6100.