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This exam will finalize your ARISE Life Skills Facilitator Re-certification. This exam consists of two sections. Section 1 is made up of 10 true or false questions. Section 2 is made up of 10 short answer questions. There are a total of 100 points that can be scored on this exam. To renew your ARISE Life Skills Facilitator Certification, you must score 70 points or above.


SECTION 1 (TRUE or FALSE 2 points each)

1. ARISE groups should always be interactive TRUEFALSE 
2. The ideal time frame for an ARISE group is 45 minutes to an hour. However,
each organization will determine how long each group will run.
3. The Introduction helps the youth focus on the lesson. It directs their attention
to what will happen
4. Be energetic. The livelier and more enthusiastic you are, the more involved
learners will be.
5. When facilitating ARISE groups, you should try to get feedback from all the
youth, even the ones who say they don't want to participate.
6. The Conclusion or Wrap-up can be as simple as finding out what the youth
learned or challenging the group to apply what they learned outside the group.
7. One or two open-ended questions is enough to keep the discussion going for
20 minutes.
8. The focus of ARISE groups should be on completing the activity sheets, not
on discussions.
9. If a youth has been silent and then all of a sudden participates in group discussion
it is important to give the youth positive feedback as soon as possible
10. You CAN make a difference. TRUEFALSE 

SECTION 2 (Short Answer/Essay (8 points each)

1. List the four components of the ARISE Teaching Formula.
2. What is an open question?
3. Which of the four components of the ARISE Teaching Formula is the most important for youth to learn from each other and from the facilitator?
4. Give two different ways to introduce a lesson to the youth.
5. What two discussion techniques were mentioned in the ARISE Life-Skills Training?
6. The ARISE Lesson Planning Form lists 10 different activities to choose from when planning an activity pattern. Please list five.
7. The ARISE Lesson Planning Form lists five different ways to split up a group. Please list three.
8. Why is positive reinforcement an integral part of an ARISE Life-Skills lesson?
9. When should an ARISE Life-Skills Instructor use icebreakers? List at least three instances.
10. List two ground rules that are important to implement with a group and explain why you think they are important

Please make sure to click the "SUBMIT YOUR EXAM" button below to send it to ARISE. Remember that all fields on this form are required. If you forgot to complete a field, you will not be able to submit your exam. Once we receive your exam, we will grade it, issue your new certificate and email it to the email address you entered on this form. The certificate will be in PDF format and is printable on a 8.5"x11" sheet of paper. It will take about 10 business days for us to email your certificate. We do not mail re-certification certificates via regular mail.