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Complete Evidence-Based Anger Management Program for Teens

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Price: $399.00
(Includes all the materials listed below)

This Special ARISE Anger Management Program for Teens Package
Includes the following 6 ARISE Instructor Manuals as well as their associated Learner Workbooks
(A total of  8 books)

Since the attention span of youth today (particularly teens with delinquent behaviors) is measured in milliseconds, it’s necessary for learning experiences to be incredibly engaging, totally interactive and highly stimulating. This proven, evidence based anger management program uses group activities to bring youth together. Collectively they learn to choose healthy alternatives to risky behavior avoiding the sad consequences of reckless anger and uncontrolled violence. Curriculum language and group activities especially appeal to youth with short attention spans and emotional problems. ALL materials listed below have been specifically developed for teens (not) adults.


Included: 12, unforgettable, conversation starting, motivational posters laminated in clear plastic for years of use.  Scientifically proven: “Often complex ideas can be conveyed with just a single image”.  12″x18″ full color posters sealed in clear plastic ensuring a lifetime of use.

Lose your temper motivational poster Words can hurt motivational poster Anger is a short madness motivational poster Cage the rage motivational poster
Don't get steamed motivational poster Anger danger motivational poster Stop the anger motivational poster Temper motivational poster
Don't get steamed motivational poster Don't get steamed motivational poster Stop the anger motivational poster Temper motivational poster

Also included: 20 sets, 10 each, a total of 200 ANGER related ARISE Positivity Cards.  Use these mini-life lessons to Educate, Entertain and MotivateThese amazing ARISE Positivity cards have been created specifically for those of us with short attention spans.

dont get steameed motivational positivity card dont get steameed motivational positivity card dont get steameed motivational positivity card dont get steameed motivational positivity card
crosswords motivational positivity card lose your temper motivational positivity card say something nice motivational positivity card when change happens motivational positivity card
Angry boss motivational positivity card Never stay angry motivational positivity card The day's anger motivational positivity card Bully motivational positivity card
Treat your kids with respect motivational positivity card What goes around motivational positivity card Lighten up motivational positivity card In the end motivational positivity card
vacuum up motivational positivity card words can hurt motivational positivity card temper motivational positivity card Stop anger motivational positivity card

Also included: Deck of ARISE Positivity Cards & → Maximize Group Participation Using ARISE Positivity Cards

ARISE Anger Mangement Course - Full Deck of ARISE Positivity Cards

WAIT.. WAIT…. THERE’S MORE!   3 Powerful ARISE Anger Management Webinars:


Module 1 of the Anger Management Webinar:

We explore some of the primary emotions that lead to anger. In this module, you’ll learn what anger looks like, feels like, and what causes us to get angry in the first place. You’ll see how anger affects us physically and emotionally, and how to manage your anger by making better choices. After listening to this webinar, you should have a good understanding of how emotions such as frustration, helplessness, fear, and guilt can contribute to the escalation of anger. CD: 45 Min.. Worksheets: 9 Pages

Module 2 of the Anger Management Webinar:

We analyze emotions such as worry, regret, and false sense of control and discover how these can contribute to an increase of anger.  You will learn some techniques that will help you manage anger and other emotions. CD: 35 Min. Worksheets: 2 Pages

Module 3 of the Anger Management Webinar:

We will go into depth about useful techniques that will help reduce anger.  These techniques include relaxation methods, breathing exercises, and stress reduction. After this module, you will have the knowledge and power to control your anger. CD: 45 Min. Worksheets: 5 Pages

No Extra Charge- 25 minutes of unforgettable stories that will be indelibly etched in the mind:

dvd ARISE Anger Management Video

It may seem normal for some of us to express our anger through fighting. However, there are other ways of dealing with confrontations. This 10 minute video demonstrates a vivid example of a disagreement and how it was resolved positively. The content presented in this video is an important supplement to any lesson on anger management. (10 Min.)
dvd ARISE Why Spend Your Life In A Cage?

Many are reluctant to recognize how their anger can affect their life in a major way. ARISE Why Spend Your life In a Cage reveals prison as a consequence of Anger.  In this 15 minute video, inmates are interviewed and we learn how their anger contributed to the destruction of their lives. (15 Min.)

Price: $399.00
(Includes all the above listed materials)


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